17 April 2018
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IBM Cloud for SAP Applications

Help reduce complexity and become more agile with managed SAP services. Whether you are a new or a long-term user of SAP applications, you have turned to this function-rich software as a means to innovate. But in a traditional IT environment, you may face a variety of challenges: high total cost of ownership (TCO), complex […]

16 April 2018
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Crucial SSD and Crucial BALLISTIX RAMs (for GAMING)

Part Number Description Unit Price CRUCIAL SSD BRACKETS ARE AVAILABLE — LIMITED QUANTITY IN STOCKS — AED 25 PER UNIT SSD Drive                                                                                           MX 500 Series 2.5” Internal SSDs CT2000MX500SSD1 2TB (2000GB) Crucial® MX500  SATA 2.5” 7mm (with 9.5mm spacer) SSD 1958 CT1000MX300SSD1 1TB(1000GB) Crucial® MX500  SATA 2.5” 7mm (with 9.5mm spacer) SSD 979 CT500MX500SSD1 […]

15 April 2018
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Product Data Sheet – Coalesce MPE

FEATURES: Create a wireless presentation and collaboration environment in any room using laptops, tablets and smartphones. Share your display with devices using Windows, Apple iOS, Android, or the Google Chrome browser extension. Compact form factor is easy to deploy behind flat panels and above projectors. Compatible with virtually any displays near you via HDMI connection […]

12 April 2018
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Zecurion Zgate Product Overview

Zgate PRODUCT OVERVIEW Zgate is the most comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) product available, enabling companies to monitor all forms of outbound network traffic and online communications to identify sensitive information and prevent it from leaving the network. Since its first release in 2008, Zgate has gathered than 400 thousand users. Zecurion Zgate uses hybrid content […]

11 April 2018
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Veriato 360® – A Solution Thousands of Companies Trust

THE VISIBILITY YOU NEED – A SOLUTION THOUSANDS OF COMPANIES TRUST Organizations worldwide use Veriato 360 to protect their assets; monitor highly privileged users; reduce litigation risk and expense; improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure compliance with company policies. Veriato 360 is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review, […]

10 April 2018
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Introducing v-Core based model for Azure SQL Service

A flexible new way to purchase Azure SQL Database – We’re excited to announce the preview of an additional purchasing model to the Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool and Single Database deployment options. Recently announced with SQL Database Managed Instance, the vCore-based model reflects our commitment to customer choice by providing flexibility, control, and transparency. As with […]

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