Visitor Management and Queue Management System

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One-stop Visitor Management

  • Contactless visitor check-ins– Create a touchless virtual lobby that visitors can enter via
    their personal smartphone.
  • Digital visitor badges – Go paperless & share e-badges with visitors via SMS/email once they
    confirm check-in
  • Visitor pre-registration – Enable staff to invite guests, share Wi-Fi privileges, location
    coordinates, with a few clicks
  • Emergency broadcasts & alerts – Broadcast emergency alerts to everyone present on the
    premises with a single click
  • Blacklists & watch lists – Create blacklists based on keywords to deny access and entry to
    high-risk individuals
  • Configurable visitor flows – Create unique check-in flows for different visitor
    categories with a simple drag & drop
  • Real-time visitor analytics – Derive insights such as peak hours, check-in speed, etc.
    to optimize processes further.

Our Clients

Visitor Sign in & out

  • Visitors tap to Sign-in
  • Secure visitor information capture
  • Emirates ID Integration
  • E-sign on simple privacy / terms agreement
  • E2E Takes a selfie of visitor
  • Visitor Check-out using Pass Number


E2E can send customized notifications to host and visitors via E-mail / SMS

Entry2Exit Pre-registration

  • Pre-register Single or Group Invitees (with CSV)
  • Invites can be Single Entry or Long-Term Entry
  • Auto Email Invitation Template with QR
  • Scan QR with iPad Application
  • Optional Spot Registration
  • Visitors receive an optional SMS link with an itinerary

Online Appointment

  • Click to Book Appointment from Website or Social Media
  • Select On-site Or Virtual Consultation
  • Select Slot Available
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Appointment Booked