CCTV Security Cameras Installations in Dubai

CCTV services are provided by the best CCTV Security Camera Installation services as businesses today are threatened by a growing plethora of security threats, with corporate spies and thieves finding more imaginative ways to infiltrate and pilfer valuable information to sell to industry competitors. With this in mind, we are working to provide CCTV Security Camera solutions that bolster the defensive line of companies and businesses against corporate espionage.

Considered amongst the leading CCTV Security Camera companies in Dubai, we at BluechipGulf offer a comprehensive suite of packages to help you protect your trade secrets. We have partnered with some of the most trusted CCTV installers to provide you with fully-equipped surveillance networks featuring the latest security cameras and monitoring products in Dubai.

Our CCTVs in Dubai and other surveillance solutions

Our mission is to provide our clients in Dubai with an expanding array of surveillance
to help them secure their own assets.
We offer procurement and installation of the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor IP cameras
  • Security cameras (day & night)
  • Wireless surveillance camera
  • Motion detectors
  • CCTV Security Camera and equipment
  • Pan-tilt-zoom security camera
  • Mini surveillance cams

As technology continues to become more deeply intertwined with business processes, new and better measures are being developed to combat internet-based espionage. However, while complex firewalls and computer protocols are being employed to protect sensitive data and information, basic measures are often neglected, leading to breach incidents.

In fact, statistics indicate that global cybercrime and economic espionage have led to an estimated $445 billion in annual losses, equivalent to 1 percent of the world’s income. If you need a security camera in Dubai installed at your office to protect your intellectual property, BlueChip has got you covered.


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Providing you with the right equipment for the right place

As the best IT solutions company Dubai full-service provider, we only use state-of-the-art CCTV Security cameras available, and we will do more than just produce the best solution for your situation. We will ensure that your CCTV Security Camera will also be positioned and installed properly to ensure your protection.

Whether you need a wireless outdoor security CCTV camera to mount outdoors, or an indoor variety to monitor and manage activity in your office, we can install it for you. Being the best CCTV camera company in Dubai, We employ a step-by-step process for CCTV Installation in Dubai.

Determining client needs and requirements

We will sit down with you and discuss why you need the best CCTV companies in Dubai for your business. This will give us a solid concept to work with as we determine your particular needs.

Location survey and analysis

Our field specialists will look at the projected scope of your surveillance system to identify how we can best position your equipment for maximum efficacy.

Package proposal

At this stage, we will develop a package that best suits your particular needs, with respect to your budget. If your facility needs an outdoor camera that runs non-stop throughout the day, we will propose one that fits into your budget. If the outside of your office needs motion detection technology, we will put that into the proposal as well.

Package rollout

Once you approve of the specialized package we have developed for you, we will roll it out and implement it according to the agreed specifications.