Matrix Biometric in Dubai

If you’re hunting for a matrix biometric in the UAE, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to assist you. We have an accurate-designed collection of Matrix Time Attendance Systems as a valued name in the industry. These programs use the card or fingerprint to register the user’s precise time while taking into account many time attendance rules that are important to the user. The whole collection is carefully checked through a series of criteria to ensure accuracy. We offer a wide range of time attendance systems with a variety of specifications to meet the needs of our customers.

Biometric Solutions in Dubai

Matrix is a pioneer in new business and enterprise security and telecom applications. Matrix is committed to keeping up with the developments in the defense and telecom sectors as a creative, technology-driven, and customer-focused enterprise. Bluechip is the leading distributor of Matrix biometric systems in Dubai. Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance systems have a lot of features, are dependable, and meet international requirements. Because of the variation of attendance, timings, and leave policies from one place to another, from one agency to another, and from one individual to another, it is extremely difficult to capture and automate time and attendance laws in an organization.

At Bluechip Gulf, we approach access control/biometric time attendance programs with utmost care and consideration for the client’s needs, and we recommend the appropriate machine and solution to achieve the goal of repairing the time attendance/access control scheme. We have a range of Matrix time attendance systems that allow you to easily monitor access to your business premises and keep records of employee attendance for later use. As one of the most reputable Matrix time attendance and access control providers in Dubai, we have a range of Matrix time attendance systems that allow you to easily control access to your business premises and keep records of employee attendance for later use.

  • Monitoring in real-time.
  • Time-attendance scheduling that is centralized and focused on various locations.
  • Manage various shifts and overnight shifts efficiently.
  • Notifications with omissions and exceptions as soon as they occur.
  • User-based attendance collection and labelling.
  • Attendance can be tracked in real-time for immediate correction.
  • Scheduler for Reports.
  • Customizable reports are possible.
  • Payroll data that is up to date and reliable.

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Track the Presence of your Workforce with Matrix Biometric

Matrix biometric machines include state-of-the-art, technologically sophisticated, electronic time-keeping systems that monitor a user’s attendance and produce various reports for further intervention. It not only saves money on overhead costs but also allows HR to handle attendance practices from different places in one place. HR can conveniently use the program for job reviews, appraisals, and compensation calculations on a monthly basis. Managers can work more effectively with automatic overtime and leave balance calculations. Its stand-alone or network-based operation is suitable for colleges, clinics, government institutes, corporations, remote locations, restaurants, small and large businesses, and many other applications.

Matrix is a well-known maker of innovative, high-quality time attendance systems with a wide range of features. Matrix distinguishes itself as a complete end-to-end service supplier, offering everything from hardware to applications. When the hardware meets all of the requisite manufacturing quality standards and offers several certification choices, the app becomes extremely feature-rich, with a wide range of reports. Matrix hardware and software are compactly combined, resulting in high reliability and performance. Matrix is a manufacturer of both hardware and software in one product.

Bluechip – The Industry Leader to Deliver you the Best

Bluechip Gulf is the principal supplier of Matrix in Dubai, helping you with state-of-the-art products from Matrix biometric systems. Both modern businesses must safeguard their physical and intellectual property properties. Nowadays, ensuring occupational protection and monitoring people’s movement according to a predetermined procedure is a must. Getting rid of imploded, out-of-date technology is the first move in protecting an organization. Similarly, switching to future-proof systems that guarantee zero errors is important.


We are constantly changing and developing to deliver the best possible service to satisfy the needs of our clients, and we never compromise on product quality.


We make every effort to deliver excellent goods and services to our clients, and we work just as hard to ensure that they receive the best ones for their needs.


Our sales and support personnel have received rigorous training in order to provide you with the best possible service.


The wide range of items we offer gives you a non-exhaustive list of options to pick from.

Access Control Systems to Meet your Needs

As ZKTeco distributors in Dubai, we take pride in being the best ZKTeco commodity suppliers in the region. Access Control, Standalone RFID, Biometric Time Attendance, and Fingerprint Access Control are just some of the ZKTeco devices we work with. In the United Arab Emirates, we have successfully incorporated and mounted cutting-edge biometric access control systems such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, and hand geometry readers.

In the United Arab Emirates, Bluechip Gulf has some of the most advanced and feature-rich biometric access control systems. We take our responsibility as one of the UAE’s leading access control companies very seriously, and we have foolproof and safe solutions. With our solutions as suppliers of Door Access control systems in UAE, we bring modern and cutting-edge security technology to the table, as well as the scalability and flexibility to handle any scenario or load. You have a range of options with our biometric access control systems, helping you to find a form of access that best fits your needs and budget.