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For several organizations, engagement and user retention is a highly challenging job. But, with the right tools and technologies in place, the engagement process for applications can be an easy job. You get to have several methods and ideologies that can help you with the proper process of application retention. Working with our IT service providers in Dubai, you can find out the value-added resources that will help you in increasing the application engagement process and rates. This can be accomplished by cultivating onboarding workflow, identifying feedback loopholes, and using sturdy application testing framework modules.

The job of a business owner gets complicated when it comes to keeping users engaged with the application. However, using the customer engagement module will help you and the users to stay engaged. It is not only about creating a mobile-friendly application, marketing it and making it user friendly is prominent. Thus, you have to configure various programs to your customer engagement software that will help your users to keep on using it.
  • Make a hassle-free and easy registration process
  • Add push notifications to keep users updated with new products and services
  • Provide users with feedback form or add a survey to get their insights on application
  • Upgrade the user interface to make it more interactive
  • Configure in-app messages, email notifications, and newsletters
  • Offer rewards and incentives programs for user retention
  • Encourage communication to boost customer and producer interaction

It is important for you to create a highly functional and high-quality application. But, more than that it is critical to hear what your customers are saying about the application. We understand how complicated an application can be for a human, which is why we make sure that you are provided with the right programs that will test the application for the real world. In addition, we provide you with modules that efficiently help with customer engagement.

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Application Knowledge Transition through Experts in Dubai

The major loss a company face is when a team member leaves. The time and effort that has been initiated to teach them to go in vain. The essential step here is knowledge transition. Every team member process critical knowledge, so their leaving leaves a place void. Thus, to avoid this, during their tenure knowledge transition process is followed. Knowledge transfer is a methodical and determined strategy for apprehending particular knowledge from the personnel. The knowledge acquired is stored and shared within the company to provide maximum efficiency.

New applications are designed that helps the entity to transfer all the acquired knowledge as the part of teaching to their subordinate. Configuring an application, you can set the time taken to deliver a particular set of information. However, the purpose here is to make this application module user interactive, so there won’t be any glitch during the process. The application can be programmed and customized based on the organization’s needs and requirements. Our team of IT support in Dubai will help you to ease in with the configuration and implementation process.

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Application Management Sign-Off Process in the UAE

Sign-off process one of the critical process of any business. Without having a sigh-off sheet it is difficult to accompany the life of a particular project. When you plan to work on any project quality assurance is considered as an integral part before you launch it to the real world. This means you need a team of experts in software testing, quality assurance, bug testing, and application testing. In addition, you would have to release a beta version just to see how the application can perform in the real world.

The sign-off process is probably the most stressful and challenging part of any application developer’s life cycle. This is the reason you need a team of IT software experts in the UAE that can help you with quality assurance of your application. Without this, it is impossible for you to launch. We have a qualified and experienced team of IT engineers whose job is to test and evaluate the applications in a way that they are bug-free and ready to launch in the real world. Outsourcing your quality assurance services to our team will help you stay at peace, as we ensure to provide try and test results that will make your application launch fruitful.