Installation and Maintenance of IP PBX In Dubai

When it comes to maintaining an organization within a company, the PABX system is an essential part of the technological infrastructure. It is the channel through which different forms of information course through from one source to another. It allows different contact points within the corporate network to communicate with one another through a secure private line. It also allows those same contact points to branch out to an outside line for communication. PABX systems in Dubai and across the world serve as the neural network that connects different departments to facilitate the unified functionality of the whole company.

Here at Bluechip Computer System  LLC technical expertise and industry experience to perform the IP PBX Dubai within any infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a network fit for a start-up company or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized corporation, we can help you.

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Defining Private Automatic Branch Exchange Systems

A PABX installation is a system that automates telephone switching within a private network. In a typical corporate setup, a company uses phone lines to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls. In this kind of setup, the phone carrier is given the task of managing the different lines, with the different lines all leading to a multiple-line unit managed by a live operator. This particular setup allows external calls to enter the private network via a singular contact point, and it also permits extension units to communicate with one another internally.

PABX system installation in Dubai can allow the entire network to function with a live operator, through the use of an intelligent automated switching system.

Advantages of Installing An IP PBX System In Dubai

Management of Incoming Calls

PABX systems boast of all functionalities of a PBX system, with the added flexibility of automated call transferring. This kind of system can accommodate the utilization of live personnel to receive and transfer incoming calls to their respective internal contact points, giving the business a personality that can represent the company to clients, potential business partners, and the general public.

In addition, it also has the capability of giving incoming callers the option to connect with a particular internal department through an automated attendant mode.

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Management of Internal Calls

IP PBX systems in Dubai and across the world are capable of connecting one internal unit with another without the help of a live operator. This type of system can be programmed to provide a directory of extension numbers and establish an internal connection via voice interaction.
With this kind of installation in Dubai, communication between two internal contact points can be made easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Speed Dialling

For personnel who have to use the phone on a daily basis for contacting clients, potential customers, and other people outside the company, time is of the essence. IP PBX system installation in Dubai can facilitate faster communication through programmable speed dialing features. You can easily connect with another frequently called number with the press of a single button.

Automated Enquiry Assistance

Programmable call directing is one of the strongest suits of a PABX installation. Clients who are looking to know more about your company and offerings can be relayed to the department that deals with their particular inquiry through an automated call directing path that can be programmed into the system.

Navigable Interface

Another reason to employ a variety of PABX systems in Dubai is the navigable user interface. This type of system accommodates voice interactive inquiry functions. This feature, combined with the standard station handset buttons, makes technological integration into daily operations easy and efficient.

Increased Call Volume Capabilities

A IP PBX Dubai can automatically receive, handle, and redirect multiple calls at the same time, without bogging down the system. With this feature, both current and potential clients are never kept on hold, even without a live operator to redirect their calls.

Flexible, Hands-Free Features

A PABX system installation in Dubai can be paired with hands-free headsets, so heavy telephone users are not tethered to one spot while taking and making calls. This gives personnel a certain sense of freedom, which can boost their creativity and productivity.