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Everything You Need to Know About CCTV

Having an additional set of eyes is helpful to every company or household. This will assist in the protection of the site, whether it be an institution or a residence. As a consequence, the issue that arises right now is how you can verify the security of your venue. With the advancement in technology, a plethora of company companies has outfitted themselves with CCTV companies in Dubai in order to secure their properties and live a stress-free life.

If the company does not have appropriate and required security services, it is time to get them so securing the position and staff is a prerequisite that any businessperson must obey. Furthermore, the construction of a security camera would directly help in the protection of your property as well as the monitoring of your workforce’s efficiency.

Security cameras have evolved into an ideal resource for protecting the home or company from intruding intruders. With the installation of surveillance cameras, you achieve peace of mind and are assured of the highest level of protection required by any company.

CCTV companies in Dubai

Let’s first cover the type of CCTV camera that you can choose from:

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras have a long, cylindrical shape that makes them suitable for use outdoors. Their strengths are especially evident in applications that necessitate long-distance viewing. The cameras are protected from dust, soil, and other environmental elements because they are housed in waterproof casings. The surveillance cameras can be conveniently assembled using a mounting bracket and are available with either fixed or varifocal lenses, depending on the needs of the intended use.

Day and Night Camera

These cameras don’t require infrared illuminators because they can record direct video images in the dark due to their extra sensitive imaging chips. They can work in both standard and dimly lit settings. As a result, these cameras are suitable for outdoor surveillance applications where IR cameras struggle to perform well.

Thermal Infrared Cameras

One of the finest 24×7 security cameras on the market, delivering quality photographs of airports, seaports, boards, and a variety of other vital infrastructures at any time of day. Small LEDs circle the lens of infrared cameras to aid in the detection of moving figures in complete darkness. Thermal imaging sensors have the ability to see for long wavelengths of up to 300 meters.

These are the common CCTV cameras used by most people throughout the UAE. Let’s now understand CCTV camera installation in Dubai:

  • Mount the camera at the desired place
  • Keep DVR in a protected component
  • Connect the video cable through the BNC port
  • Synchronize the camera with your system

Now that you are clear about the basic steps for CCTV installation in Dubai, you should mark the three critical factors before you head to make the purchase:

The Correct Lenses


You will get a high-quality picture as a result of this. Choosing the right lens for your camera would allow it to concentrate and provide enough light to the sensor, enabling you to read registration plates and identify faces, among other things.

The Right Sensor

When looking for the right sensor, there are two factors to consider: form and scale. CCD (charged coupled device) cameras are more costly than CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) cameras, but they provide a smoother picture that is suitable for distinguishing faces and registration plates.

The Proper Resolution

With a higher pixel count, you get to have a better picture. It’s important to balance the resolution of your camera; anything higher is entirely pointless. Owing to the higher number of megapixels, higher image quality can be achieved. This also encourages you to zoom in on your pre-recorded video with greater accuracy.

Parting Thoughts

Installing a surveillance camera is important because it provides you with peace of mind and helps you to drive everywhere while keeping an eye on your home. As a result, take your time and look at all of the important features before buying the camera to ensure that your property is safe from any criminal activity.