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Managed IP telephony providers in Dubai helps you and your organization to efficiently manage all the incoming and outgoing transitions within the enterprise. Communication is an essential part of any organization, this is the reason our It service providers aim to deliver you with value-added services. Collaborating with our team of professionals you can achieve greater height and fulfil the essential needs of your communication. Whether you are looking for a wired phone line or IP phones, you get all of them under one single hub.

Cisco, Panasonic, Grandstream, Yealink, and so on are some of the companies that we have been associated with from over years. So, no matter what kind of telecommunication device you are looking for. Our team will only provide you with the best – the ones that have been considered as the best systems based on the telecom industry standards. We understand what it is like to have a communication space that provides you with a reliable source, this is the only reason we are known as the leading IT and telecom service providers in Dubai.

We have been providing services to our clients from years now. Whether it is regarding the IP PBX phone installation in the UAE or complete revamping of the telecom infrastructure, we have done it all. Thus, outsourcing your telecom services to our organization will provide you with a significant set of benefits that no one else in the industry provides. In addition to this, we provide you with an annual maintenance contract that involves maintenance of your selected technical devices at affordable prices.

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Collaborate with Experts for Enterprise Services and Solutions in Dubai

Our core team of technical and telecom experts are evidently prepared to help you with your telecom infrastructure, whether it is planning, constructing, implementing, installing, configuring, migrating, or any other additional support.  We have been known to deliver enterprises with a broad range of telecom expertise and experience that aims in providing value-added enterprise management solutions.

Services to Achieve from Enterprise Communication Management

Enterprise Management

    • Designing Enterprise Architecture
    • Creating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Programs
    • Configuring EAP (Enterprise Application Programming)
    • Consolidating EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
    • Working Enterprise System Implementation
    • Providing Project Management Services
    • Delivering IT Consulting Solutions
    • Training and Supervising
    • Giving Document Imaging Services and Solutions

Telecommunication Management

  • Providing Network Design
  • Implementing Telecom Infrastructure
  • Installing Network Cabling and Wiring
  • Delivering Telecom Integration and Support
  • Configuring Telephone Systems
  • Installing Fiber Optics
  • Installing VoIP Systems
  • Providing Unified Messaging Services
  • Delivering IP Infrastructure Management

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Integrate Efficient Enterprise Communication Management in the UAE

Communication is one of an integral part of any enterprise, thus, using reliable technology like IP PBX phones, hybrid IP phones, virtual IP phones, etc. will help you to meet your organizational needs perfectly. We understand how important it is for you to have a reliable and confidential interface. So, in order to provide you with that, we use VoIP phones as the voice transferred through the VoIP network uses data packets. These data packets are one sole source of confidential communication with each other.

When voice is transmitted through binary data, it becomes impossible for the third-party hack. The encrypted data protect your sensitive information, helping you to makes a plethora of calls or conference calls without having to worry about any interjection through the third-party. In addition to this, the VoIP phone uses a network to connect the calls, so the level of phone bills is highly decreased. The invention of IP phones have made the lives of companies easier as they can contact with their team, associates, clients, or customers domestically, nationally, or internationally without having to worry about the extended phone bills.