Forcepoint SASE

The constantly changing nature of software applications and the ever-evolving risks faced by conventional safety measures are too much for today’s cloud-driven world to deal with. Forcepoint SASE is a complete Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution from Bluechip Computer Systems, your go-to IT security partner, that gives you the confidence to embrace the cloud safely.

What is ForcepointSASE?

A cloud-native security solution called ForcepointSASE includes important security features right into the connectivity layer. ForcepointSASE helps businesses to securely connect people, devices, and apps anywhere they are by combining networking and security features. Compared to traditional security methods, this approach can help businesses achieve improved performance, enhanced agility, and decreased complexity.

ForcepointSASE – A Comprehensive Approach to Enhance Security

ForcepointSASE, an effective Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution from Bluechip Computer Systems, manages and enforces security regulations to make data compliance easier. It offers data loss prevention and compliance reporting, ensuring regulatory compliance without compromising user experience or productivity.

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ForcepointSASE goes beyond traditional point products, offering a unified platform that tackles critical security challenges –

  • Prevent Data Breaches –ForcepointSASE is a network-level security platform that helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by integrating multiple security functions into a unified platform, enabling comprehensive threat detection and response, effectively mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and data exfiltration.


  • Simplify Data Compliance –  ForcepointSASE simplifies data privacy regulations compliance by offering centralized visibility and enforcing security policies. With built-in features such as data loss prevention (DLP), comprehensive audit trails, and granular policy enforcement, allowing users to demonstrate adherence to regulations with greater ease.


  • Reduce Costs and Resources – ForcepointSASE eliminates the need for multiple and independent security solutions. This consolidated approach translates to reduced IT overhead and licensing costs. Additionally, the automated features of the platform simplify security procedures, giving up important IT resources for specific projects.
  • Mitigate Risk in the Cloud – ForcepointSASE offers a secure migration to the cloud with its Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) functionalities, providing granular control over cloud applications, preventing data leakage, and enforcing uniform security policies across all installations, thereby minimizing potential cloud-based security risks.


  • Unify Policy Enforcement –  ForcepointSASE is a network policy enforcement system that unifies security across all users, including remote and mobile devices. It enforces consistent policies, ensuring access restrictions, unauthorized activities, and regulatory compliance, eliminating vulnerabilities for attackers and promoting a more secure network environment.


  • Prevent Email Data Exfiltration –  ForcepointSASE protects your company by identifying and stopping harmful emails from gaining access to private information. This includes sophisticated threat detection tools that spot malware and phishing scams appearing as authentic emails, safeguarding your private information from illegal access.

Why Choose Bluechip Computer Systems for ForcepointSASE?

Bluechip Computer Systems is well aware of how essential security is in the modern digital environment. Our knowledge of network infrastructure and security technologies enables us to assist you in effectively integrating ForcepointSASE into your company. To guarantee optimal efficiency and protection, our team of qualified professionals will collaborate directly with you to evaluate your needs, create a customized solution, and offer continuous support.