Microsoft Office

Microsoft’s Office is an outstanding collection of subscription utility packages. They are part of the well-known and dependable Microsoft Office product range. This subscription enables users to take advantage of the Office 365 product suite while still taking advantage of cloud-based software applications such as Exchange Server, Skype, and SharePoint. Microsoft Office 365 is mostly built for corporate leaders, developers, and students in mind.

When it comes to being efficient at work, having good tools and hardware will help a lot. Microsoft has been delivering options for enterprise owners all over the world for over a decade. Bluechip Gulf has been providing these same repairs, especially in the Dubai community. We, like Microsoft, want to see the company achieve its full potential, and we will help you do that with the resources you need. Our partners are critical to our growth, and we prioritize motivating and activating our channel.

We co-develop technologies with our clients based on ongoing research into consumer aspirations, industry dynamics, and technical advances, allowing them to improve their value proposition and focus on emerging opportunities. In Dubai, Bluechip Gulf is the most prominent Microsoft Authorized Distributor. We’re top-tier delivery partners whose business model and scale qualify them for a direct deal with Microsoft. With these distributors, Microsoft participates in a high degree of business, distribution, and marketing operations.

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Growing Partners with Microsoft Office

Bluechip Gulf is a Microsoft Partner in the UAE, specializing in Office 365, Cloud Solutions, Office 2019, Skype for Business, Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, One Drive for Business, Microsoft Server, and other Microsoft products. We provide Software Licensing Services to Clients across Dubai, including download, deployment, and IT support for all Microsoft products and services, as a leading Microsoft certified reseller in Dubai. State, non-profits, businesses, and educational institutions all benefit from Bluechip Gulf’s Microsoft volume licensing consultancy services.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 for Business is a cloud-based software suite that includes Skype, Outlook, Word, OneDrive, Online Excel, Online Docs, and Calendar, allowing you and your staff to work from anywhere, at any time, on any laptop. Get value-added services when you buy Microsoft 365 from a Microsoft Reseller in Dubai.

Microsoft 365 for Company

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive service that combines Office 365’s best-in-class productivity with improved security and system management features to better protect the enterprise. Today, everybody wants to be linked, so Microsoft has an opportunity to provide every small and medium business access to these resources.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology for modern businesses that can help you move more quickly, save money, and incorporate on-premises applications and info. Microsoft Azure is not only a solid PaaS platform, but it is also the only big cloud platform pioneer for IaaS at the moment.

Collaborate to Build Greatness Together

Bluechip Gulf is a Microsoft Reseller, Microsoft Certified Distributor, and Consultant that provides global cloud software to help start-ups, research institutions, companies, and government agencies drive their digital transformation. We assist small and large companies in reimagining how they interact, cooperate, and put individuals, data, and processes together to provide optimum value to their consumers and achieve a strategic edge in the modern environment. Cloud is, in our opinion, the gateway to Dubai’s growth and creativity. We collaborate with technology behemoths to provide cloud-based technical platforms that digitally turn business around the UAE.

In the age of the intelligent cloud, Microsoft, in collaboration with Bluechip Gulf, the first Approved Microsoft License Reseller, enables digital transformation for businesses. With the aim of empowering everyone and every company to be more productive and accomplish more. Bluechip Gulf, a Microsoft Reseller in Dubai, helps businesses grow into digital businesses by creating new capabilities to further engage their workforce, inspire their staff and clients, simplify their everyday activities, and transform their product offerings.

Microsoft believes that in order for Dubai to become a fully digital workforce and workplace community, we must make technology available and efficient to everyone. As a result, they have collaborated with cloud solution providers such as Bluechip Gulf to collaborate with the distribution and support of Microsoft Cloud Products and Solutions.

Do you need assistance downloading and using Microsoft Office 365 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Contact the professionals at Bluechip Gulf right away!