Fingertec Biometric in Dubai

Bluechip Gulf is a Security System supplier and seasoned value-added reseller that provides its customers with full technology solutions in Dubai. Performance is all at Bluechip Gulf, from the components used to the workmanship and support rendered. This ensures that when you select Bluechip Gulf, you can be assured that your needs will be met by a qualified team.

Fingertec Biometric in Dubai

The days of manual collection are far gone. Today, every organization is looking for means to go digital, and biometric machines are certainly the ones. Whether it is an organization or a home, having a biometric machine can make your life much easier. Fingertec biometric in Dubai is one of the leading brands that are widely popular throughout the world. Bluechip Gulf is the leading supplier of Fingetec biometric machines in Dubai.

Both companies, big and small, need biometric machine programs. The method is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your employees are productive in your business. But why would you want to add a Biometric machine System? Aren’t they costly and difficult to maintain? Here are some things you should know about these systems, which should ideally dispel any reservations you might have and persuade you to add one to your company right away.

Bluechip is a fast-growing company in the UAE that offers you a broad range of IT products and Auto Identification Solutions. Biometric machine programs provide company managers with real-time analysis of their most valuable commodity, their staff. They’ll be able to see who’s on the clock and how long it’s been since they last looked. We developed today’s Biometric Machines to make the system more reliable and simple; with these advancements in Time and Attendance systems, all of the measurements are already completed and ready.

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Leading Products by Fingertec to Meet your Needs

Biometric machines are a type of labor management that tracks when workers begin and end their workdays, as well as the department in which they work. This is accomplished by the use of a method that gathers data automatically through the use of a variety of time and attendance devices. Time and Attendance is used for payroll collection and helps managers to see who is available or absent for their shifts.

We provide access management solutions that range from single-door Fingetec systems to multi-door access systems to completely integrated solutions for managing access to various facilities with diverse needs.

  • Multimedia Color Biometric machine
  • Multimedia Color Access Control & Biometric machine
  • Access Control & Biometric machine
  • Face Recognition and Access Control & Biometric machine

Most of these businesses incorporate access control, video monitoring, and intrusion detection technologies to provide a comprehensive security strategy for their employees and properties. Integration is a complicated mechanism in which various processes are made to coordinate and collaborate with one another in order to accomplish a certain goal. The advantages of a well-designed framework include lower security costs and increased efficiency by video-verified monitoring of tardy and non-productive employee conduct.

Biometric machine Solutions by Fingertec

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

It is a technology that uses an electronic chip to identify people. It’s a term for compact electronic devices that have a chip and an antenna.

Fingerprint Identification

This is the most common form of biometric time and attendance system because it is simple to use and relatively reliable.

Hand Punch Identification

They capture and save the three-dimensional form of an employee’s hand in order to compare and check the individual. These biometric machines are more costly than a fingerprint scanner, but they can be more precise because they examine more than just the fingerprint.

Retina Identification

It is a technique that records an image of an individual’s eye patterns and compares them to previously registered photographs. These devices are also very reliable for time and attendance, but they are more difficult to come by because fingerprint scanners are more common.

Face Recognition

Since it is a non-contact operation, face recognition has distinct advantages. Face photographs may be taken from afar without having to contact the individual being marked, and recognition does not necessitate interaction with the person.

We assist companies in becoming more competitive by implementing quality automation technologies such as ID Card Issuance System, Time and Attendance System, Access Control System, and Software into their systems. Automated time and attendance monitoring systems and access control systems are two of Bluechip main solutions. These attendance programs are a must for today’s business because they provide an easy means to handle employee time attendance. Automated time and attendance management systems often provide a new way of operating that requires less human capital to handle attendance and payroll activities.