IP PBX System in Dubai

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PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone is the most required thing in today’s Business. One important advantage of a PBX is that it controls the numbers that can be dialed from within the system. A correctly configured PBX can limit access to some expensive numbers. The PBX’s ability to share a group of lines among many extensions also results in significant savings. For example, 10 to 15 lines can often serve an office with 100 extensions. This saves enormously because every phone in the company must be furnished with a line.

Role of IP PBX System in Business

As the authorized reseller of leading IP PABX systems brands, we serve our clients with leading technology along with unparalleled reliability. We understand your needs as one of the Best IP telephony company in Dubai and help you increase your business productivity.

We ensure that in-spite what you are looking for, you have the best telephony systems for your business infrastructure. Our team member is made up of skilled experts who have lots of years’ experience in this field and are able to solve every telecommunications problem of your business in the blink of an eye.

The extensive product range of our portfolio product now offers you an affordable PBX system. During that process, the operating costs will be reduced as time passes.

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Benefits of IP Telephony PBX System

  • Very Easy Operations : It’s very easier to contact anyone through a PBX system than traditional telephones. The main reason is that most of the PBX numbers have a length of only 3 to 4 digits.
  • Smooth Connectivity : The PABX enables companies with certain areas to associate their telephone systems without the need for additional phone lines.
  • Usage of Flexibility : Open interface and standards are used for PBX phones. These PBX systems prove to be an easy solution compared to traditional proprietary systems.
  • The option of Energy Saving : The PABX systems have been designed to reduce additional electricity costs. Compared to traditional telephones, this is a price-effective solution.
  • Cost-Effectively : PBX systems are preferred by the medium and small-sized companies as they are cheaper to connect an external telephone line.
  • Options of Scalability : PABX allows you to increase your telecommunications company with the growth of your company.
  • Easy to Use : The PABX system comes with traditional branch exchange features and seamless leading-edge communication that offers an intuitive user interface.


The PBX telephone system had previously used the analog technique. The PBX became the leading trends in the field of business communication thanks to advances in technology now. The PBX system uses the broadband internet connection to transform analog information into data of digital, to provide calls. Incoming call to the corresponding extension in an office is the main function of a telephone system. A telephone system can be supplemented with many functionalities such as recorded messages, voice mail connectors, automated greetings dialing menus and PBX CRM integration.

Depending on the brands, the range of features offered by a PBX system. We can offer high-quality PABX installation in the USA as one of the #1 PBX suppliers in Dubai with a competitive price level. Call us today and we’re going to ensure that our telephone system installation service ensures that your business is on the next level.

Features of IP Telephony

  • Automated assistant answers every call and routes.
  • Voice mailbox allows your client to leave an absence message
  • Voice e-mail allows you to receive important customer messages.
  • Day and Night mode allows you to select different incoming calls on a time basis
  • Call details to keep an eye on your all business calls
  • Recording of Call
  • Receipt and make calls for mobile applications.
  • The best way to call Queue. You can hold the Customer at Queue and distribute to the Free Agency.
  • 24/7 support

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