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Powerful services by Bluechip that operate like your in-house IT department.

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Comprehensive & high-quality technical support with the round-the-clock operation.

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We plan and assist you with turnkey solutions for new offices & IT migrations.

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Server solutions for corporates and data centres have been evolving for quite some time now.

IT Solutions Companies in Dubai

Your Key To Success: IT SUPPORT IN DUBAI

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is a leading provider of high-quality It solutions company in Dubai & IT support in Dubai and is highly regarded in the field of IT. As an Best IT company in Dubai, we focus on bringing the best products and services of global standards to our clients in UAE. Technology companies from all over depend on our expertise to render service and education to their businesses. Our team consists of technicians who have devout experience and knowledge that coincides with the latest technical innovations and IT Solutions in UAE. We are equipped to handle the most complex challenges as they are presented in any technical format.

With a dedicated team of 40+ tech support engineers focused on providing the best services of CCTV Installation in Dubai, time attendance machines in Dubai, and complete support for the installation of office 365 installation in Dubai. As a trusted network cabling in Dubai, we can provide both onsite or offsite (remote IT Support) across UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah. Our services also include the installations of PABX systems in Dubai and across the UAE.


Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is built on core values that provide only the highest levels of  IT Consultancy services In Dubai. We strive to deliver convenience, efficiency, and accuracy with every task while working closely with our clients. The clients must understand exactly what they need to be sure they are getting the service they deserve. The depth of knowledge required to successfully respond to technical issues is far beyond that possessed by an amateur. The Best IT company in Dubai is built on knowledge and hands-on experience.

Having an expert in administration next to you gives you peace of harmony that all IT glitches and troubleshooting will be taken care of easily, and quickly. Moreover, these IT Specialist co-ops can likewise help you in coordinating and sending new advancements accurately, hoisting your business world, and non stop IT support Dubai is vital. In the event that you’re searching for such a help administration, get in touch with us immediately. You can depend on us for end-to-end IT support Dubai.

IT Consultancy services In Dubai

Why did you go with Bluechipgulf?

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is built on core values that provide only the highest levels of IT support services in Dubai. We strive to deliver convenience, efficiency, and accuracy with every task while working closely with our clients. The clients must understand exactly what they need to be sure they are getting the service they deserve. The depth of knowledge required to successfully respond to technical issues is far beyond that possessed by an amateur. The strongest IT solutions Dubai are built on knowledge and hands-on experience.

No More Mistakes With IT SUPPORT IN DUBAI

We are distinctively different than other IT companies due to our outstanding position in customer service. Our dedicated professionals are strongly regarded for outstanding phone support, personal training, or an outsourcing package designed to fit the needs of the company. Unlike many IT companies in UAE, we offer full-time support services for the convenience of the company.

Benefits of IT Support in Dubai

When it comes to IT Support BlueChip brings you the best in class services and we can proudly say that we are a one-stop-shop IT Support and Solution provider in UAE.

With four offices strategically placed across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah we can reach you at very short notice.

• Complete Company Support
• Expert Technical Approach
• Fully Skilled in IT Services

IT Solution Dubai

IT Solutions Company in Dubai

IT Solution Dubai


Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is a leading provider of high-quality IT services in Dubai. Bluechip is a professionally managed software company that aims to deliver 100% accurate IT support solutions that suit the demanding needs of any organization. The company offers a diverse range of offshore remote support services to suit varied customer needs.

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is a business process management firm that is nestled as the best technical support provider in the industry.

At Bluechip Computer Systems LLC, we provide our clients with objective-based IT services and solutions with high Returns on Investment (ROI). We ensure that IT Support 24/7 Abu Dhabi provided by us offers a world-class experience to our customers from different walks of life.

Every IT Service that we provide to our clients is backed up by logic and rationale. We have assembled a world-class expert team that relentlessly delivers quality products with perfection and ensures that our client knows exactly what they are paying for and what they can expect from their investment in us. Competence, reliability, and integrity are the qualities that define our service spectrum. We provide our best to every project we undertake.

Areas Where Bluechip Computer Provides Managed IT Services in Dubai

Bluechip Computer system LLC is the only company that provides 24*7 managed IT support solutions Dubai like Deira, Al Barsha, Dubai Media City, Telecom Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Investment Park, Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT), Dubai Silicon Oasis, DIFC, Jebel Ali, Dubai Marinna, and many other locations.

Bluechip is an initiative directed by professionals with lots of IT skills & experience in the Business Industry and IT market. Bluechip provides on-demand IT Services in Dubai, Managed IT Services in Dubai, IT Support in Dubai, IT AMC Services in Dubai to all types of businesses, and tries to fulfill their unique requirements. Bluechip understands your concerns and so provides you a timeline and adheres to it.

IT AMC Dubai

An IT annual maintenance contract is an agreement with a specialist co-op for the management and reclamation of property used by your partnership. The service can represent any property owned by your company from the gigantic assembling machines shaping your items down to the frameworks or printers used in your workplaces. A partnership that thinks often about improving ordinary capabilities should have an IT AMC Dubai to ensure nature of items and systems.

Bluechip Computer System has a group of capable specialists acting to give reasonable, versatile, secure, and adaptable IT AMC services in Dubai. With our fast and believed goals for IT AMC, you can get to a variety of administrations, from re-evaluating single part backing to finish framework refreshes.

Better IT support Dubai is fundamental for any business in the present period.This gear makes you able your dare to direct flawlessly, and surprising damage to any of your IT frameworks or arrangements can result in monetary misfortune. To that end, IT AMC services in Dubai arrangements are well known and crucial.

it amc services

IT Solution Company in Dubai

Bluechip Computer System is a reputed and the best IT solution company in Dubai, UAE. Our IT management technicians are extremely dedicated to giving the most suitable services to our customers. In addition, we provide affordable, inventive, and top-quality IT solutions with unparalleled client support.

Our proficient experts with great industry knowledge get top-quality service to our customers. We concentrate on forming a long-term service rapport to aid client get their business targets. Our fondness for suiting brought us a long list of pleased clients throughout the UAE, from small-scale corporations to huge business enterprises.

We provide wider IT support Dubai solutions for companies across the UAE 24/7. We execute the solution your corporation needs, whether you are new in the market, a business moving into a major spot, or a company developing its network because of business extension.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A managed service provider is a blessing in disguise for companies. The IT managed service providers in Dubai assume the responsibility of handling the technical operations of a company by providing them with services like email, cybersecurity, help desk, networking, data storage, backup and restore, cloud integration, patching, and more. Their duty is to ensure that your IT infrastructure functions efficiently, maintained, protected, and up-to-date. In addition, they assist you with day-to-day technical difficulties, so you can focus on your core business operations.

  • • Hardware and Software Management
  • • Systems operations
  • • Network monitoring
  • • Mobile device management
  • • Compliance
  • • Vendor management
  • • Procurement and sourcing
  • • IT services
  • • System repair and installation
  • • Updating and troubleshooting
  • • Helpdesk
  • • Cloud computing, mobility, and IoT
  • • Predictive analysis
  • • Disaster management, recovery, and more

Each business has its own IT infrastructure. For small scale companies, it is difficult to hire an in-house IT team. Thus, outsourcing your services IT solutions company in Dubai will help you to take care of your technical operations in real-time and in a cost-effective manner.

The IT service providers tasks include monitoring, maintaining, and administering the service remotely. In addition, they also help in reporting on its quality, performance, and availability. MSPs may aid with the acquisition of software and hardware, as well as the tracking and reporting of hardware and software licenses.

Managed services provide continuous and regular monitoring of your systems with the purpose of avoiding problems as much as possible. Your service provider can always observe what's going on and fix it directly thanks to remote monitoring.

Managed IT services provide peace of mind as well as decrease total technology expenses. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe from possible cyberattacks and that you can get IT help whenever you need it.

Company executives are frequently surprised by the reduced total expenses since they are unaware that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are all costly. An ounce of prevention is more cost-effective than a pound of cure when it comes to managed IT services.

Choosing a managed IT services provider takes time and effort, but there are methods to expedite the process. Begin by determining which IT services you require like business continuity, software licensing, monitoring IT infrastructure, or mobile device management.

Managed IT service providers in Dubai offer on-demand cybersecurity knowledge, as well as round-the-clock network monitoring and quick, effective IT assistance to meet their clients' present and future IT security requirements. Thus, the selection process only begins by contacting the IT service providers. Start with the research to see which organization will deliver you the required services in real-time, and you are all set to go.

Bluechip Gulf fully understands our clients' objectives to establish a strategic partner for management and trouble ticket management, allowing the client's internal team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than technical catastrophes.

  • • We improve operational efficiency, foster a reactive culture, and enable your internal teams to concentrate on strategy.
  • • We allow our team to shovel coal into the furnace beneath the ship's deck while yours stands on top and sets the vision for increasing business income!
  • • We provide the greatest next-gen solution to assist our hardworking employees.
  • • We help you with management analytics that includes not just strategic reports but also cutting-edge real-time dashboards.
  • • Our system not only offers such dashboards to our internal team but also to the client's team.

When you choose Bluechip Gulf as your IT company in Dubai, you keep overall management control and responsibility for the IT activities you're outsourcing, so you're still in charge. Furthermore, you have complete control over which services you want to be handled externally and which you want to continue working on in-house.

We will be in charge of the task, which is frequently time-consuming, difficult, repetitive, and exhausting. As more businesses understand the benefits of outsourcing many of their day-to-day activities to a third party, outsourcing to a managed service provider is becoming increasingly popular.

We have partnered with top-notch service providers like HP, DELL, IBM, and so on. In addition, we have a highly qualified and experienced IT sales team, who help organizations and individuals to meet their IT and technical needs. We will not only help you to select the finest hardware and software for your needs but also will assist with the installation.

Managed services and outsourcing have certain similarities, but their offerings and approaches differ. Experts in both fields give the technological and IT infrastructure assistance you require. While a consultant's engagement stops with the installation of a single need, an MSP works with your company's IT to improve its overall IT posture over time.

While an IT consultant builds the groundwork for efficient IT usage, an MSP oversees and runs the client's IT infrastructure and end-user systems on a proactive basis. Managed services deal with the implementation necessary to run a given application or service, whereas IT consulting focuses more on guidance.

There is no such thing as standardized pricing when it comes to managed IT services. That solely depends on the service provided and the length of the service. IT MSP price is often based on per-use and per-device cost. Occasionally, low-cost services are followed by high-cost variable charges. Most organizations regard mid-range services to be of the greatest value. High-end services also come at a greater price and are better suited to particular situations.