Veriato stands out as the premier provider of workforce behavior analytics, dedicated to assisting businesses in monitoring and analyzing the activities of their remote, hybrid, and on-site workforce. By leveraging Veriato’s innovative solutions, organizations can enhance productivity and mitigate insider risk effectively. As the preferred partner for delivering unparalleled insights, Veriato empowers companies to thrive in today’s intricate work landscape, particularly in industries where safeguarding sensitive data and intellectual property (IP) is paramount.


With robust analytics capabilities that extend across networks, cloud environments, and on-premise setups, Veriato ensures comprehensive visibility and understanding of workforce activities. This holistic approach enables companies to achieve maximum productivity while minimizing risks effectively. Trusted by thousands of companies across more than 100 countries, Veriato software serves as a cornerstone for protecting valuable assets, reducing risk exposure, and attaining unparalleled operational visibility.

Workforce Productivity

The surge in remote and hybrid work arrangements has introduced fresh hurdles for managers and business leaders to navigate. These challenges include diminished visibility, restricted communication channels, and the blurred lines between work and personal life. As a result, managers face heightened difficulties in overseeing productivity levels, combating burnout, and fostering employee engagement. Veriato offers a solution to these pressing issues by enabling organizations to optimize productivity and restore visibility.

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Insider Risk Management

In today’s digital terrain, where employees often work remotely using laptops or mobile devices, they represent both the greatest asset and the greatest risk to a company’s cybersecurity. Veriato’s workforce behavior analytics leverage machine learning to preemptively detect high-risk activities, analyze employee sentiments, and monitor data access patterns. In this way, Veriato helps organizations stay ahead of potential security threats. A robust cybersecurity strategy cannot be considered complete without implementing an insider risk solution.

Workplace Inquiries

Organizations and their HR departments face multifaceted challenges in conducting workplace investigations, ranging from fraud and theft to harassment, especially in the context of remote work setups. Veriato offers a solution by enabling companies to establish a digital paper trail, ensuring that investigations are conducted thoroughly, transparently, and fairly. Regardless of employees’ locations or the devices they use, Veriato’s tools facilitate swift and effective resolution of workplace investigations, thereby promoting accountability and integrity within the organization.

Compliance & Audits

In laboriously controlled sectors such as healthcare and finance, stringent data security measures are mandatory, and compliance during audits is essential. Internal auditors often face the challenge of analyzing raw IT data to track employee activities, including data access. Veriato alleviates the compliance burden by maintaining comprehensive records of employee actions, issuing real-time alerts for any violations, and generating user-friendly audit reports. This proactive approach streamlines the auditing process, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and facilitating smoother compliance efforts for organizations in regulated industries.