Forti SOAR

Businesses need effective security operations in today’s changing risk environment to deal with ever-evolving cyberattacks. Bluechip Computer Systems, your reliable security partner, provides FortiSOAR, a top-tier Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution from Fortinet. With the help of FortiSOAR, you can improve the effectiveness of your security team, automate tiresome activities, and faster incident response.

What is FortiSOAR?

FortiSOAR streamlines incident response by automating repetitive tasks and managing complex security processes. It offers threat intelligence integration and automation, enabling security analysts to prioritize risks and concentrate on technical investigations, enhancing investigations.


Ideal for Enterprise and MSSP Deployments

FortiSOAR is a robust cybersecurity solution that enhances security posture and streamlines operations for enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers, making it an ideal choice for all sizes of businesses.

  • Enterprise Deployments – FortiSOAR helps enterprises respond swiftly to cyber threats by automating cyber threat response and orchestrating security workflows. It also provides actionable insights, scalability, and flexibility for big businesses with intricate IT domains.
  • MSSP Deployments – FortiSOAR is a software solution designed for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to streamline security operations, automate routine tasks, and enhance service quality with driven business growth in a competitive world.

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Benefits of Forti SOAR

Here are some key benefits of FortiSOAR by Fortinet, a comprehensive Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) which are discussed below:-

  • Comprehensive Solution FortiSOAR isn’t just about automation but it’s a complete security operations suite. It combines incident response management, threat intelligence integration, case management, and reporting into a single, unified platform. This eliminates the requirement for numerous devices, simplifying security operations for your team.
  • AI-Driven Security Operations FortiSOAR uses AI to automate tasks and enhance security teams’ capabilities. It provides threat intelligence, prioritizes incidents based on severity, and suggests remediation actions, allowing security analysts to concentrate on strategic efforts and intricate investigations.
  • Built-in Threat Intelligence FortiSOAR integrates with FortiGuard, a leading threat intelligence service, providing real-time access to the latest threat indicators and vulnerabilities, enabling teams to identify and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks effectively.
  • Content Hub and Community FortiSOAR is a community platform and comprehensive resource center that offers security experts a place to exchange ideas, knowledge, and collective expertise. In addition to improving security operations, this collaborative environment keeps firms informed about the most recent developments in the cybersecurity industry.


  • No/Low-Code Playbook Creation FortiSOAR empowers your team to create and edit playbooks with a user-friendly, no/low-code interface. This allows security analysts, even those with limited programming experience, to tailor playbooks to your organization’s specific needs and security policies.


  • Flexible Deployment Options FortiSOAR offers flexible IT deployment options, allowing on-premises, cloud, or hybrid configurations. It integrates with existing infrastructure and scales to meet evolving needs, ensuring organizations can deploy it according to their unique requirements without compromising security or performance.

Forti SOAR with Bluechip Computer Systems

Bluechip Computer Systems simplifies Forti SOAR implementation for enterprises and MSSPs. Our experts handle everything from setup to optimization, ensuring you get the most value. As a trusted partner, Bluechip is committed to boosting security for businesses and improving services for MSSPs.