IT Support Contracts Service in Dubai

Getting the best solutions for all the technical issues at affordable prices is what every individual wants. At Bluechip, we create customized IT Support And Maintenance Services contracts in Dubai with fixed prices based on the specific requirements of your organization. Our contract includes onsite and remote support services to our clients at affordable prices.

We will design the IT support contract in Dubai based on the number of systems, workstations, printers, network devices, and servers so that you can have all you need to foster productive business goals based on your specific IT needs.
For any business, based on its size, our IT Support And Maintenance Services contract is a feasible solution to achieve the best technical solutions. Several companies are not much in for internal IT support, while others are in line to add more support to their infrastructure, our IT AMC Dubai is viable for either of the organizations. We have designed services that can fit your basic, intermediate, or advanced requirements.

IT Support Contract

Besides, onsite and remote IT support contracts in Dubai, IT AMC Dubai involves preemptive management of your technical infrastructure and network system. This means, every month, we will carry out an array of planned and unplanned monitoring and maintenance services, as well as provide your organization with exclusive IT services. In addition to this, we also amend daily and weekly technical management tasks, if needed. The finest portion is that you get preemptive training, administration, and technical helpdesk support for your organization.
IT AMC Dubai is an annual IT maintenance agreement with an external firm that makes sure that your IT functions are conducted 24/7. An IT AMC usually comprises services like OS installation, desktop support, backup, data storage, system configuration, software upgrades, equipment management, server maintenance, and more.

Our IT Support Contract Includes

The IT Support And Maintenance Services offers you level-headedness that your workstation and network systems are being observed by reliable operators, leaving you to emphasize successively meeting your business endeavors.
In general, an IT AMC Dubai is a contract between two parties in which one side agrees to provide repair and maintenance services to the other under specific terms. One is the service provider, and the other is your organization.
We intend to retain your IT systems functional, get the most out of your network uptime, as well as to upkeep your company’s efficiency. If you face trouble with your workstations, network, servers, or any other technical systems, then we are just one call away, our expert support engineers will resolve all your technical disputes remotely, and if required on-site as well.

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Our Services Include

IT Helpdesk Support: Telephone and email-based support

Troubleshooting: Analyzing and fixing problems with servers, systems, and network hardware

Proactive and preventative management: online system administration to maximize uptime

Backup and restore service: critical documents and files are backed up safely

Updates and upgrades: maintaining operating systems, workstations server, application software, and hardware upgrades

Network security: Antivirus, network configuration, firewall, updating, and maintenance

Email systems: Email applications, server setup

Networks: Configuring network infrastructures

Supplier management: Management of all equipment and devices

Internet access: Management of your internet access services and broadband connectivity

Wireless: Maintenance, troubleshooting, and set up

Contract Specification

  • Software Support
  • Tele Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Email Support
  • Anti-Virus Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Mobile Phone Support

We provide all types of IT hardware and software solutions and support as well as IT AMC Dubai

Service levels and Response time

Out IT annual maintenance contract in Dubai aim to meet or beat the following service levels:

  • Critical-Server, time-dependent issue, or system crash
  • Major-Workstation, software application, printer unusable or the systems that are not accessible from any workstation
  • Minor-Paper jams, operating system upgrades, dwindling monitors sporadic software errors


We reply to the logged-in calls within 30 minutes, we aim to be available onsite within an hour of the logged complaint and deliver you with a fully-functioning system in a matter of time.


We believe in customer satisfaction, so we try to respond to all your calls within an hour, and when required, we drop at your location to check out the issues with your systems.


For any kind of minor issue, we will respond to your logged-in calls within 8 hours. If your problem weren’t resolved remotely, we would pay an on-site visit within 24 hours.


Your logged-in calls will be answered within 24 hours, as our engineers are logged in with critical technical issues, so the nature of non-critical problems have no precise response time.


Bluechipgulf IT Service – IT Support AMC in Dubai is the place to go for any and all IT support service needs. If you choose our efficient, dependable, and secure IT support service, you will have no problems. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit or contact (+971) 556260687 557860987.