Enterprise Chat Solution

ConnectNow is an enterprise chat support solution in Dubai that enables service desk analysts and service-specific support teams to manage numerous chat conversations at the same time. ConnectNow is a chat interface that links consumers with human support professionals. Support businesses use it to provide their clients with a chat interface.

Feature-Rich Chat Support for Better Customer Service

ConnectNow has several useful tools to assist support agents to enhance their performance, such as an interface that encourages self-help, preset replies within chats, drag-and-drop file sharing, and real-time performance metrics. ConnectNow’s dynamic routing features allow consumers to be sent directly to an agent who has the necessary skills and experience to assist with particular questions.

Step in towards the future with ConnectNow, as is designed and incorporated to enrich the customer service environment for companies of all sizes and niches. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small enterprise, ConnectNow is your one-stop solution.

ConnectNow for Efficient Customer Service

ConnectNow aids team engagement and collaboration by allowing a moderator to easily start a video/audio conference meeting with just a few mouse clicks and invite up to several participants.

System Alerts

Customers’ initial point of contact alerts, which may be used to provide vital information. Prevent a crushing surge of interactions by announcing scheduled maintenance and having the notice expire automatically, or push essential information to your users.

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Skilled-Based Routing

ConnectNow is your solution for effective customer service and a satisfactory customer experience. With skilled-based routing from ConnectNow, customers are sent to a support agent who has the necessary abilities and knowledge to assist them with their unique inquiry. This significantly enhances the client experience by reducing transfers and providing faster replies, all while ensuring support agents are aware of what to anticipate next.

Smooth Chat Transmission

Communication is an essential source of customer satisfaction, and chats play an integral role in this. Chats, together with their complete Chat history, maybe moved across Skillsets. Cross-departmental transfers reduce duplication, expedite the user’s experience, and enhance collaboration between departments.

Chat Conferencing

Video conferencing was has been the topmost requirement for the organization. In the present time, organizations look for chat conferencing has topped the list. Support agents may organize a conference using ConnectNow by inviting any number of additional agents to participate in a chat. This minimizes the need for transfers, improves handling times, and fosters cooperation by allowing a support agent to call in a senior for assistance. Only the original support agent may handle the chat itself, such as shutting or transferring it, to avoid misunderstanding and keep things simple.

Seamless Customer Experience with ConnectNow

Bluechip is the authorized distributor for ConnectNow. We at Bluechip reassure our customers and partners that the whole ConnectNow team is working from their homes so that we can continue to provide you with uninterrupted service. We are here to ensure that businesses can give exceptional assistance to their customers, clients, patients, and workers now, maybe more than ever before.

Users may interact and communicate in real-time, exchange ideas, collaborate, and make rapid choices using ConnectNow in Dubai. While monitoring real-time modifications and additions to the projects they are working on, requesters and request fulfillers can engage productively. For future reference, all information and interactions are captured and included in task records./p>

With ConnectNow, you can get everyone on the same page. You may now discuss and collaborate on ideas, information, and documents in real-time. Connect allows everyone to collaborate in real-time on assignments and get things done faster.

Advanced Integration

Extend your reach with custom integrations, making use of our development agility and ConnectNow’s APIs and flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your company.

Third-Party Integration

ConnectNow comes pre-integrated with a number of ITSM systems, allowing agents to log tickets and reduce the amount of manual labor they have to do. ConnectNow, on the other hand, maybe customized to fit with your specific system and operations.

2-Way Data Integration

ConnectNow’s API may be used to retrieve value-adding data for actionable analytics or for presentation elsewhere in your organization. Trend analysis and problem management are excellent examples, as is displaying wait times and notifications on a separate page before a client even visits ConnectNow.