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Storage Appliance- Data Storage Hardware

Storage Appliance

With cloud hovering over the storage servers, it seems like there are only a few businesses that are still using the storage appliances but have you ever wondered, this hybrid environment might be causing a bit of confusion among workforces.
Are they well-versed to back up their files? Well, Google apps are great, but with their use, backup of the data has lost its meaning. Today, every organization is going digital, and with these digital liabilities, it has become difficult for many employees to keep up with their data in the cloud. So, this being the reason, a number of businesses are still looking for the storage approach to keep their data safe in times of disasters.

Making the Storage Process an Easy Haul
Nothing is more important than keeping your data safe in one place. The storage appliances aids in providing and managing data for other networks that are connected through computing devices. For several server devices, an application context is a prerequisite, but for storage appliances, there is no need for different applications.
We at Bluechip helps the organizations with static IT infrastructure to meet their storage recital and capacity development needs, delivering them with accessible storage and high-performance storage appliances, with round-the-clock technical assistance. Our storage appliances facilitate capricious and high-performance data growth, as it serves as a single platform for distinctive work environments, it is used by numerous organizations.
In addition to this, the applications’ features an uncompelled integrated gateway to cloud for implementing an efficient disaster recovery strategy that will aid in creating extra copies of the data into the storage appliances.

Collaborate to avail the best in Dubai
We believe in formulating an open, software-flexible design and helps in taking the utmost care of your data on different application servers. Our appliances are tailored and inflatable as well as consents third-party applications like Windows Servers, VMs, Containers, etc. Our team of experts at Bluechip can assist you with analytics, data mining, system security, raw data processing, and so on.
Furthermore, storage appliances do not require external backup or any additional antivirus software; the backup and antivirus are pre-installed in the storage platform, which reflects useful storage appliance customization. This gives a sense of relief to our clients as they are free from buying, installing, and handling with additional business applications. The advantages of storage appliances procure:
 Fewer software to buy
 Less equipment to manage
 Better overall performance
 Reduced cost
 Streamline deployment
 Drives productivity

Primary Storage Appliances
Data storage is one of the essential traits for every organization, and without the 3-2-1 rule, most of the organizations can suffer from the massive loss, which means you need to have at least three places for data backup so that at times of disasters you can quickly restore your data.
The primary storage is typically located inside your systems as RAM that in-house applications, and data that is currently being used. Primary storage can either be categorized as volatile or non-volatile storage, which means the volatile data can be lost easily if any defect occurs with the system. However, with non-volatile memory, you can ensure the safe storage of your data.
The organization must store the data in the cache, as most of the data is relevant, and storing them over the servers will only utilize space, so we at Bluechip provides the primary storage devices with extended memory space that can help you o save your temporary data effectively.

Unstructured Storage Appliances/Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Unstructured appliances are one of the best storage choices for big unstructured data, these are commonly known as Network Attached Storage (NAS). Some researchers state that in the coming years, over 80% of the data will be unstructured, seeing the hype in the global data, which has been growing significantly.
Years ago, previous models were designed for the structured data, but today, the organizations are looking to extract value from their business goals, and to gain a competitive edge from their amorphous data.
We at Bluechip offer superlative technology that can help in the store, manage, and monitoring the big unstructured data. You can see unstructured data all over, and you can even witness that several organizations mostly conduct their endeavors around this unstructured data. It constitutes data flowing through an organization, which provides the enterprise the corner that that is required to stay ahead in the digital market.

All-Flash Storage Appliances/ Solid-State Storage Disk System
An all-flash array (AFA) is a peripheral storage assortment that uses only flash media as the storage device. It has a storage architecture that is specifically designed to take benefit of solid-state technology. Flash is known for storage, reliability, and scalability, and it entails several benefits like:
Low latency
Higher IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second)
Greater storage density
Reduced power consumption
We at Bluechip provides you with the purpose-built systems that are explicitly designed to only support flash technology. These models entrench a comprehensive array of software-defined storage features that are used to manage and access the profuse amount of data.