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Printers, Scanners & Plotter-Printer repair in Dubai

Printer repair in Dubai

Our objective is to combine the idyllic equipment with every customer need so that they can perform operations like scanning, printing, as well as copying all types of documents and images. Our product specialists are well-versed to answer all your queries as well as help you in purchasing the right products that will meet your all needs and requirements. Moreover, our experts will make product recommendations based on each consumer’s discrete prerequisites.

With years of experience, our team of experts is always ready to assist you from inception to end when it comes to buying input and output devices. At Bluechip, we intend to bring the most excellent computer supplies to the market, high-end plotters, large format scanner, and any arrangement of a printer with a scanner, and the multifunction plotter is available.

Organizations come with different requirements, and we aim to fulfill their hardware related wishes so that they can yield in completing their organizational goals with efficiency. Therefore, if you are searching for new printers, momentary scanning projects, or are engrossed in used devices, we are your one-stop solution.

We provide colored scanners, black and white on leasing contracts to organizations or individual who wants to prosper their ongoing scanning and printing needs on a temporary basis. Recycled equipment is one of the most effective solutions for businesses and people who have low-volume printing and scanning needs or are under certain budget restrictions.


With the advancement in technology, we can see the dual-use technology is taking over the enterprises to meet their basic needs, as a reason, you can, without any difficulty, find a printer with a scanner. We have top quality printers like Genicom, Dascom, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, and many more.

All these printers are perfect for discrete or multiuser environments, ensuring to deliver superior applications, able to connect with all kinds of operating systems, from printing black and white texts to images, CAD drawings to colored presentations. With the automated media roll arrangement and precise print previews, all these printers help to rationalize the workflow as well as ensure efficiency.

For any organization, it is important to have a brief idea for the kind of printer they want to purchase, or for what purpose they want to buy the printers so that they can get the list of options based on their needs. No matter in which decade we are living in, the optimal alternative of still working with the print technology entails a significant impact on the costs as well as print operations related to it.

Based on the quality, speed, and permanence, our team of experts can assist you with the print medium to ensure that you get the best in the market. We at Bluechip will assist you throughout your purchase as well as help you with installation and maintenance if needed.


The age of black and white media is long gone, so why are you working with the old techniques when plotters provide you efficiency in a visual format. A plotter is designed to print vector graphics, which means instead of using raster techniques of writing individual pixels, it uses the vectors to draw continuous lines.

Therefore, for the organizations that are dealing with constructions, architecture, or any other vector media, plotters are your ideal choice to print engineering designs, architectural blueprints, CAD drawings, conduits, and many more.

Advantages of plotters

  • The architectural designs or blueprints require high-resolution print media, plotters work on large sheets, aiming to provide high definition prints.
  • With plotters, the print isn’t only restricted to pages, it can print over flat materials like aluminum, plywood, cardboard, sheet steel, and plastic.
  • You can print the same pattern a number of times without even worry about any image deprivation.

Our team at Bluechip will help you to purchase the ideal plotter based on your specific needs and will assist you with its functioning as well. Feel free to contact us for your requirements so that we can recommend you with practical solutions that might ail as the best value for your investment.



We have seen in the past few years digitization taking over, now the offices in Dubai have become more and more automated, in order to meet your daily needs, our professionals are here to assist you in your journey of becoming the digitized industry. We provide assistance in increasing your productivity with pioneering technology, revolutionized scalability, and vigorous security while aiding to provide you with simple and smooth operations.

The copiers, which are presently being used, are a blend of a scanner as well as a printer. A lot of these copiers are pooled into a particular outline and originate fortified with a workstation and software that is used to manage its functions.

There are several aspects to take into contemplation before selecting a copier, and our team at Bluechip is content to direct you to the necessary solutions, which will meet all of your needs and preferences in the best possible way.



The scanner market is in a persistent state of transformation attributable to the ongoing development in technology. At present, the large format market is divided amid two leading imaging technologies, contact image sensors (CIS) and charge-coupled devices (CCD).

CCD scanners use a series of cameras in order to capture an image. Large-format scanners, which are widely used, use the CCD technology, and it has more than one charged coupled device that is used to capture a part or image field, which is combined together by the pre-installed software for producing a single image.

CIS scanners incorporate a collection of silicone setups, instead of using the cameras, for capturing the image or data. LED pulses are used to scan the document by using the flash technique, and these types of scanners are in direct contact with the object so that they can produce good results.


Document Scanner

Document Scanner is an ideal choice for organizations as well as individuals, as it allows you to scan the documents with the help of your hand-held devices like a phone camera, which can be converted into PDF, with the application installed in your phone.

At Bluechip, we offer the combination of high-speed document scanning with immaculate image quality print. We provide a range of scanners resulting from highly consistent and unconventional document scanners. With their smooth and compacted features, these devices are premeditated to scan diverse document types, like legal, A4, multi-sheet forms, books, cards, etc., while eradicating the scanning errors.

We provide high-quality document scanners, which ails to be one of the most productive business assets, helping to increase productivity and adeptness in the most effective manner.