Cisco IP phones in Dubai

There are many Cisco Companies in Dubai but Bluechip Computer is the best company that provides Cisco IP phones in Dubai. These phones come with many features, which the users can use to communicate with people over IP network. There are many features available in the phone which are listed below:

• Redialing
• Speed dialing
• Voice mail access

Why Cisco IP phones ?

The Cisco phones provided by us use Asterisk IP PBX system for making a call.

The IP phones support Cisco Unified Communications Series 500 for small businesses. The phones are available at an affordable price and provide a good experience to the users. The application support provides encryption to enhance security.

The role of Cisco Unified Communications is great as it provides its services to all types of organizations whether small, medium or large. The services provided by us are listed here.

• Network Infrastructure
• Security
• Network Management Products
• Wireless Connectivity

Voice Mail

The Cisco router provides the facilities of voice mail and automated attendant capabilities. These facilities are provided with the help of network module (NM) and advanced integration module (AIM). These features work in the same way as the hybrid private branch exchange.

Customers get the facility of installing Cisco IP phones in various branches to have communication with each of them. The deployment, maintenance, and administration are done by our company and if there is any problem, customers can contact us to resolve the issue. The Cisco PBX Phones Installation in Dubai can be done by Cisco PBX Dubai anywhere in the UAE.

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Benefits of Cisco IP Phones

The Cisco phones Dubai provide various benefits, which are discussed here.

• The ownership cost is reduced as the messages can be delivered through a consolidated infrastructure.
• The Cisco IP communication is inexpensive and it can bring good support to all types of businesses.
• The configuration and deployment of the phone is very simple especially for the customers who are familiar with the Cisco Infrastructure.
• The customers can have the benefit of Cisco data expertise along with industry standard Cisco IOS software.

Cisco Unified Call Manager

It is a software component that is used for handling call processing. The software helps in providing telephony features to the devices connected to a network. These devices include:

• IP phones
• Media processing devices
• Multimedia applications

Services Offered by Cisco IP Phones

The services offered by Cisco phones are as follows:

  • Voice and Data Together : The employees can make call to other employees located in remote locations and can also transfer data and files easily. The location of the employee does not matter and data transfer for him is very easy.
  • Phone Features Can be Used Easily : There are various features that the phone carries and it includes speakerphone call transfer, redial, paging, conferencing, volume control, and intercom. The phones have the feature of comprehensive interoperability and SIP. The VOIP is based on SIP.

Features of Cisco IP Phones

The SPA500 series phones have the following features.

• The IP phone supports power over Ethernet.
• There are onscreen applications, which the users can use for various purposes.
• The phone can be connected directly to either IP telephony service or IP private branch exchange (PBX).
• The audio clarity can be enhanced through wideband audio and enhanced quality of the speakers.
• The installation is easy and the configuration is based on menu and web.
• The open source and hosted telephony solutions use session initiation protocol and Smart Phone Control Protocol.
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also supported by the phone.
• The application on the phone helps to run MP3 files and view pictures.