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How Can Next Generation of Firewalls From Cisco, Sheild Your Online Business Impeccably?

Cisco's Next Gen Firewall

Cisco has moved to the next level of the enterprise network security by introducing new firewall technology called FirePOWER. This new firewall technology assures an advanced ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances) and software modules for application control, intrusion protection, anti-malware protection, and URL filtering.

The New Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

The Next Generation Fire Wall (NGFW) that Cisco introduced to the world will disrupt the firewall technology forever. Ciscos 3rd generation firewall technology has it all. Like an application firewall that takes upon the role of deep packet inspection (DPI) by using in-line intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

Other features of this firewall such as Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer for encrypted traffic inspection, website filtering, (QoS) quality of services/bandwidth management, virus inspection, identity management integration (LDAP, Radius, and Active Directory) are all included.

Previous generations of firewall technologies had just simple filtering capabilities that efficiently blocked applications which did not meet port protocol expectations. Nowadays web applications like Facebook, Twitter, and other applications that use port 80 could lead to complications with entire Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP).

The complexities that came with Internet protocol addresses and ports were no longer reliable in terms of security, That’s why the idea to create an identity-based security approach became inevitable for securing appliances that bind secure features of IP addresses.

Newer firewall technology also filters traffic based on the applications or traffic standards crossing specific ports. For instance, when you open port 80, it allows only selected HTTP traffic, specific applications, sites, or services. Now imagine of it as combining the firewall and its (QoS) functions as one solution.

These application-aware firewalls are called NGFW, as it acts as a (UTM) unified threat management solution. This term applies to products that lack true application-awareness.  A UTM product offers more functionalities than a traditional firewall such as antivirus or antispam.

Is it Time for switching to a reliable (NGFW)?

Yes definitely, by combining ASA with the new FirePOWER technology your business network can have multiple security layers consolidated into a single platform which in turn will eliminate the cost of buying and managing multiple solutions. By integrating it you can gain a single device that combines the best-in-class security technology unit at a cost-effective price.

It also supports throughput of 300 Megabits per second, with high-capacity. Cisco allows a broad array of solutions no matter what the capacity is, which provides solutions to organizations of any size.

The Cisco ASA 5500-X NGFW supports midsize organizations to push these security challenges and alert you about surfacing threats with group security intelligence. It allows administrators to observe and check user activity, device access and malignant behavior. It reduces the complexity and costs of your enterprise allowing you to deploy fewer devices to manage the tasks.

It reduces the complexity, capital and operating costs with fewer devices to manage and deploy.

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