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5 Things to Consider When Selecting an IT Managed Service Provider in Dubai

IT managed service provider in Dubai

Unlike other partners (accountants, marketing managers, etc.), IT managed service provider Dubai  works alongside your team on a daily basis to help you achieve your business goals. As a result, it’s important to choose the right IT services companies in Dubai the first time. Many businesses’ first big commercial decision is to choose an IT support partner.

Before deciding on a supplier, it’s important to meet with your team to figure out exactly what you need in terms of help. Consider the following example:

  • What areas of your IT service do you need the most assistance with?
  • How much interaction with an Account Manager do you need?
  • What is your IT help budget for the year?
  • What are your security concerns?
  • How much day-to-day assistance do you require?
  • When sifting through support ideas, consider how each one relates to your company’s requirements.

Here are the top five things to think about when selecting an IT support in Dubai

Checking the background

Given that an IT support provider in Dubai will have regular access to your business-critical systems, data, and intellectual property (IP) for the duration of a 12-month contract, you must ensure that they are a fit and proper organisation before meeting with them.

From an enforcement standpoint, there are a few relevant considerations to consider:

Due diligence is required

Check to see whether the supplier is a limited partnership or a sole trader of Companies House. Consider using credit-checking services including Company Search. You can’t afford to leave your systems in the hands of a lone wolf.

It’s also crucial to make sure that every potential IT support provider in Dubai has been in business for the required period of time.

Use Google

If an IT support company has a poor image or has acted in an unethical manner, the Internet is likely to be aware of it. Your best friend is Google. Look up their name and business history to see if there is any negative feedback or instances of wrongdoing.

2. Staff

After confirming that your prospective IT managed service provider Dubai is legitimate, you can concentrate on the people who will be responsible for producing the final product – its employees. Until signing a contract, request a video call or face-to-face meeting with the following main team members to get a sense of the personalities you’ll be working with:

  • Account Manager
  • 3rd Tier Engineer/Senior Engineer
  •  Service Desk Manager/Service Delivery Manager

It’s important to keep in mind that your own employees might not be comfortable with industry jargon. As a result, make sure that everyone you encounter can explain key IT concepts in plain English, without relying on technical terminology or acronyms.

IT managed service provider in Dubai

3. References and reviews

There are numerous ways to check on the quality of service provided by an IT support in Dubai to its clients through the Internet. Google, Trustpilot, and Feefo are all well-known review sites that can reveal a lot about a potential IT partner’s business practises. Rather than relying solely on the amount of stars awarded, read individual reviews and anecdotal evidence.


Request a list of references from the supplier that are applicable to your business. Request a letter of recommendation from another firm of solicitors if you are a law firm. If you work in the public sector, talk with other public sector organisations with which the provider has collaborated. Inquire about your day-to-day help as well as any industry-specific tools you use.

4. Contracts are agreements between two parties.

Being certain of what you’re signing is perhaps the most critical aspect of the entire tendering process. Unwitting companies that have agreed to a contract that locks them into unnecessary services or lengthy contract periods abound in the IT support industry.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • The duration of the contract (they should only be 12 months long)
  • Pre-packaged programmes that you don’t like
  • Termination provisions that are unfair
  • Procedures for account management that aren’t listed
  • Hours of operation are unknown or ambiguous.


5. The onboarding procedure

Last but not least, there’s the onboarding procedure. If you’re switching IT support in Dubai or hiring one for the first time, it’s critical to understand how they’ll incorporate you into their support and monitoring network, as well as how they’ll deploy any applications after the contract is signed.

Companies who provide IT help should never charge for this service. Ensure that you have a dedicated point of contact who can provide you with an official onboarding timetable so that you can prepare ahead for any business interruption.

Site visits to the company’s offices can be part of an onboarding phase. This allows the service company to assign a specific asset number to each piece of equipment, take photos of critical hardware including servers, firewalls, and switches, and present themselves to members of the Management Team. Book your free consultation with best IT managed service provider Dubai today at +971-556260687, 043524988 Or you can visit us at : 18th St,Al Jahra Building office 703,Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Near Hotel Royal Ascot, P.O Box: 233468, Dubai, UAE.