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Top Benefits Of Office 365 in Dubai

Office 365 in Dubai

To remain relevant in a rapidly changing, modern workplace, business owners must learn how to use technology. The following is a list of the top benefits of Office 365 in Dubai for Business and the most compelling reasons why Office 365 for Business now has over 155 million users as of the end of 2018, with millions more joining this suite of business productivity apps every month.


Office 365 for Business, which is hosted in the cloud, provides all of the tools required for businesses to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, almost as easily as if everyone were in the same room. Businesses seeking a competitive advantage in this age of digital transformation must leverage technology to enable their workforce to work remotely. The following are the top advantages of Office 365 in Dubai.

  1. Mobility – The ability to access your data from anywhere, no matter what

The ability to instantly access any file, photo, or email whenever or wherever you need it is the single most valuable feature of Office 365 installation in Dubai. You’ll never be late for a meeting because you forgot to bring a document or important file. I gave a complete PowerPoint presentation from my smartphone! If there is a power outage or a fire at the main office, your employees will be able to continue working as usual because they will have full access to all of their business documents and apps in the cloud. If the internet is down, files in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint can sync locally for instant access from the desktop. The impact on productivity is unprecedented; in fact, I could stop here and your decision to switch to Office 365 would be justified!

Office 365 in Dubai

  1. Security – Built-in enhanced data security to protect your organization 

Office 365 for business includes advanced security features that protect against external threats and give administrators access to internal resources. It allows your organization to always know where your data is and gives administrators control over who has access to it. If a user misplaces their smartphone or laptop, Office 365 allows the administrator to remotely wipe all Office 365 data and email from that device while allowing the user full access from other devices. There are Office 365 plans that include Mobile Device Management and additional security options to help organizations adhere to enterprise data security, privacy, and compliance standards.

  1. Collaboration – All the Tools You need to get Organized and collaborate

Meetings, emails, and contacts are difficult to organize for businesses of all sizes. Office 365 syncs your email, calendar, and contacts so that they all work together. When you change a contact on your phone, it is automatically updated on all of your devices. SharePoint and OneDrive for Business enable you to work on a document on one device and then continue editing on another. Microsoft Teams enables you to collaborate with others across your organization in an environment where all of the tools you need are centralized, and to share screens, co-author documents, chat and instantly escalate to a phone call or video call. The Office 365 app suite will literally change the way you work.


  1. Communication – Simplified Communication is the Key to Growth

The suite of communication-centric tools in Microsoft Office 365 serves as the foundation of an effective internal and external communication strategy. A remote workforce presents communication challenges as well as the ability to make all users feel connected. In addition to SharePoint and the other Office Apps, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook Groups, Sway, and Yammer provide a super-simple collaboration environment for employees to communicate more effectively than ever before.

  1. Productivity – Simplified Document and File Sharing

To compete in today’s modern workplace, you must increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce as a business leader. Office 365 for business gives your team an organized way to easily organize shared document libraries using SharePoint, while also allowing users to keep documents confidential by storing them in OneDrive for Business for personal use. Administrators can control sharing outside the organization to ensure that data security is always a top priority.

  1. Business Intelligence – Work Smarter not Harder

Office 365 provides managers with insights ranging from customer-generated data to information about how employees work. This knowledge is invaluable in terms of transforming your company and directly impacting your bottom line. The Office 365 apps will help you collect, organize, and analyze data. Dashboards are easily created to help users better understand the analytics and make decisions. Office 365 provides limitless presentation capabilities, including AI-powered features that suggest layouts, designs, and images to make presentations look professional.

Although the Top Benefits of Office 365 are listed above, numerous additional benefits did not make the list but are a significant bonus. Increased eMail Storage Capacity of up to 50 GB per user is ideal for users who send and receive a lot of emails and have previously experienced mailbox capacity issues. Furthermore, large files and attachments of up to 150 MB can be sent via eMail. With Office 365, Office Apps are automatically updated monthly with the most recent features, ensuring that all users use the same version of Office and avoid inconvenient compatibility issues. The benefits provided by Office 365 for business can be game-changers for organizations large and small, which is why 3 million business users continue to adopt this powerhouse of business productivity tools every month.


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