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Structure Cabling for Offices and Warehouse in Dubai, UAE

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Structured cabling is the primary need of any new organization coming up. it is an integral part of IT network. Most companies in Dubai & UAE use CAT6 cable for the internal network. Most of the companies in Dubai use two kinds of the network in one is for Data & another for voice, Data networking id basically used for Ethernet to enable the IT devices with internet.

Whereas voice cabling refers to voice call which includes Telephony system networking for the companies. Laying network cables is the first stage of IT setup for the organization because the provisions for the cabling has to be decided in the beginning as per the layout of the office. Structure companies in Dubai are having a dedicated professional team who are certified in Ethernet cabling and fiber cabling.

Fiber cabling is also widely being used by an organization where they want to interconnect the different long distance offices. sometimes they want to extend their service provider connection from one place to another. Structure cabling companies in Dubai are using indoor fiber cable to interconnect different offices whereas outdoor shielded fiber cables are being used to connect outdoor distant devices.

Structured cabling companies in Dubai

Structure cabling in UAE is advising to use a single Ethernet point where the customer opt for IP telephony as these phones also work on CAT-6 cabling. Structured cabling is the state of art, as well as some professional companies, are dressing the networking very nicely which seems aesthetic. cabling professionals should label the network point both side in order to trace them conveniently during any glitches in the network.

Structure cabling companies use fluke tester to test the compatibility of the network. For a healthy network, it is must to pass the Fluke test.CCTV cameras are also connected with RG-59 cables whereas IPTV cameras are connected with CAT-6.
Some integral components of the Structure cabling are as below
• CAT- 6 Cable
• RJ 45 module
• RJ 11 module
• Faceplate
• Back box
• Module
• Patch Cord
• Crimping tool
• Punching tool
• Labeling printer
• Fluke test

Bluechip Computer Systems is one of the pioneer organization having a professional team to design the network layout for the corporates and to implement the same. We have dedicated cabling team which can implement any complex network structure which can be fiber cabling & CAT-6, CAT-A cabling. We deal in different brands of cabling like 3M, Schneider, Dlink, Belden, Norden. Bluechip has done Government, Hotels and Hospital projects where we have done 300 to 500 network point. Our team is well veteran to design and deploy to an entire network with Minimum time and cost. We have 20 dedicated headcounts who are specialized in CAT-6 cabling, CCTV cabling, fiber cabling. we are also using CAT-7 cabling if the customer is approving to do so.

Bluechip computer systems can provide you customer fluke test reports in order to know the health of your network. We are specialized in doing networking for offices, warehouses. In warehouses, we can lay down cables by installing multiple IDF which can be interconnected with fiber cables and enable the entire warehouse with the network. we are using floor &wall trunking to manage the cables on floor &wall.

On the server end side, we use a cable manager. cable ties, well crow ties. We use the multiple colors in the cable to categorize the network aesthetically. User side termination can be done with the state of art on the wall or on the floor and also on the desk of the user.
Structure cabling management, rearrangement of cables in data center & offices is one of our core activity under structure cabling.
We do free of a cost site visit to consult the customer on how should he design his network.