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Real Time Monitoring System and Tracking Solution

About Tracer:

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Benefits of TRACERPicture22

  • Tracking of the vehicles in real-time (24/7)
  • Real perception, and distribution, of the vehicles
  • Maximum optimization for the vehicle fleet
  • Exact calculation of the miles crossed (work/non-work period)
  • Analysis of the on-field drivers efficient/non-efficient time
  • Automatic lowering of the fuel consumption
  • Review of the working hours
  • Maximizing of the efficiency, and productivity
  • Drivers more rationally use the vehicles

TRACER – Line of Products



  • Vehicle TrackingPicture5
  • Digital Mapping
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Enhanced Security
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Extensive Reports
  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Route Planning


Economical Drive – System helps to reduce fuel consumption by over speed tracking, measurement of engine idling, route improvement, dispatching and proper periodic maintenance.

Engine Idling Monitoring – Engine idling reports enable decreasing idle times for fuel efficiency.

Improving Driver Behavior – Driver performance is improved by measuring sudden acceleration, cornering, harsh breaking, route control and break times.Picture6

Stolen Vehicle Recovery – Stolen vehicles can be located and tracked for recovery with the option of remote immobilization of the vehicle.

Real Time Monitoring – System offers real time web based GPS tracking with more than 50 vehicle and driver based reports. System enables to monitor vehicle arrival and departure times and also offers various planning tools.

Safer Drive – System reduces traffic accident rates by measuring working times of the vehicles.


Prevents fraud of fuel;Picture7

Prevents unauthorized use of fuel;

Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank;

Gives detailed information about vehicle movement, status and fuel tank fuelling and draining

Gives detailed information about fuel consumption;

Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analysis

Gives detailed fuel usage history.


Asset-wise location with engine run hoursPicture8

Reporting on working and non working hours

Real-time asset Utilization report

Remote fuel level monitoring

Asset maintenance schedule

Geo-fences violation


Make sure your generator is ready to start when needed! No matter which brand of generator or control panel you are using, Tracer gives you online access to your gensets, 24/7Picture9

Instant access to generator status and alarms

Remote operation and control

Alarm management

Generator fleet management

Geo-fence alerts

Remote engine on/off feature


TRACER offers industry’s leading, two-way refrigerated asset monitoring solution. Our solution includes alarms, operational status and state changes. So whether you operate a small truck fleet or multi-temperature, multi-zone trailers, our solution protects your cargo by providing complete control of the reefer environment.Picture10

Maintain and monitor accurate reefer temperature

ON/OFF alerts

Temperature graph reports for preventive action

History log to analyze each reefers performance either daily, weekly or monthly





Driver ID System

Our Driver ID System offers the ability to isolate a driver’s behavior and create reports based on individuals, rather than just the tracking of vehicles.Picture13

Each driver in the company is issued with an electronic touch key which can be used on any vehicle in the fleet. With your vehicle tracker Driver ID you can now create person specific time-sheets, regardless of the number of vehicles that an individual has driven.Picture12

A standard installation also incorporates starter immobilization so that your vehicle cannot be started without a driver ID key

This feature can be overridden by you from the software if the driver loses his key or the vehicle is going for a service.

Driver IDs ensure that the driving activities and behaviors of individual drivers can be monitored and reported. Visits, acceleration, DE-acceleration, idling too long, etc. can all be tracked, logged and stored by our vehicle tracking software. With a vehicle tracking Driver ID you are able to identify and reward efficient and safe drivers as well as addressing those drivers who could potentially be wasting company time or money.


  • Admin can create ,control, assign, access reports and share reports.
  • This provides easy allocation and modifications that can be done by the administrator rather depending on the service provider

Event Analysis

  • Over speeding, harsh acceleration and braking are reported instantly to the fleet owners or supervisors
  • Driving pattern of the drivers can be analyzed and corrected


  • Mapping of vehicles enables
  • fleet owners to view and manage their fleet to optimize the utilization of their fleet
  • Animated show path provides complete replay of the routes taken.

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