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Matrix Digital Signage Solutions in Dubai, UAE

EaZy-Q® is a registered legal brand of Matrix Technosys Inc. (Canada). Launched in the year 2003, in a short span (by 2006), EaZy-Q® became a well-renowned & preferred brand in the market. With continuous innovations & dedication, EaZy-Q® is now considered as one of the top brands internationally.

EaZy-Q® Matrix Digital Signage Solution was launched to help business owners make the best use of Digital Media to engage clients, promote their products/services and display important visitor information.

Digital Signage can be used in multiple sectors such as:

Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Eateries/F&B, Retail, Shipping/Transport companies, Government Institutions, Real Estate agencies and more.

EaZy-Q® Matrix Digital Signage solution allows clients to  Display/Stream/Broadcast multimedia, dynamically targeted messages to increase sales, engage the audience and display important information in real time.

The key advantage here is controlling multiple devices in different locations through a common (centralized ) content management software.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Open Source Technologies
  • Latest technologies, Android, HTML 5, Css3, Ajax, JQuery
  • Simple to install, configure, use and customize
  • The wide range of media support (image/Text/Video etc.)
  • Multi-user access management
  • Web-based (LAN, WAN, Internet)
  • Smart Division of Display screen
  • Remote management with Centralized Monitoring and Control
  • Individual/Group device scheduling with predefined Playlist,
  • Can be Interactive (Customized solution)
  • Ad-hoc Broadcasting and RSS Feeds Support (News, Stock Exchange, Gold rate Updates, Weather etc.)
  • Ad-hoc broadcasting