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Matrix Biometric in Dubai – Automatic Door Controller



COSEC door controllers act as entrance and exiting terminals, reading biometric certifications like fingerprints and RFID cards to log each activity. They control door locking and connect with the COSEC or site controller. These controllers can monitor and control other readers, doors, and ports, also they store person access information crossing every time and sending real-time entry-exit details to the COSEC system.

COSEC door controllers provide flexibility with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G connectivity, reducing installation and maintenance costs. These controllers have versatile input and output ports to control different applications. This connects with input devices like motion detectors and fire alarm panels, as well as external devices like video recorders and sirens to enhance your security solution. In simple terms, COSEC door controllers are advanced and versatile gadgets designed for trustworthiness, modularity, and increased performance.

Different types of COSEC door controllers:



The VEGA Series Door Controllers are designed for modern businesses, carefully balancing looks, size, connectivity, reliability, and user-friendliness. The VEGA Series Door Controllers are made to look good and provide a seamless and reliable experience, keeping in mind the size and connectivity needs of modern businesses. They aim to be functional, user-friendly, and reliable for today’s enterprises.



The DOOR series controllers are reliable and high-performance devices with wired/wireless automatic door control. They connect easily via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and USB Ports. These controllers store user access info and send real-time entry-exit details to COSEC. These are designed for time attendance and access control, and they are available in different sizes and looks. These controllers come in three types: fingerprint access controller, attendance terminal, and multispectral fingerprint sensor.



The PATH Series Door Controllers are compact, robust, and cost-effective devices designed to seamlessly integrate with the modern architecture of various buildings. With a cost-effective design, they offer reliable and long-lasting access control solutions. These controllers are both cost-effective and efficient, fitting well into modern designs. They not only look good but are also designed in such a way to provide reliable access control. These are suitable for secure and efficient access, ensuring they work well for a long time.



ARC Series Door Controllers stand out as intelligent and compact solutions for access control. This series of Door Controllers features an intelligent design for sophisticated access control on single or double doors, using the Internet Protocol for secure access. They connect easily with Power over Ethernet or RS-485, making installation simple without extra power cables. These controllers are flexible, managing access for both single and double doors. With built-in COSEC technology, they ensure high security and reliability in access control.


Multiple Locations


Single Locations



  • COSEC Door Controllers keep entry and exit secure by allowing only authorized people to come in and go out.
  • These COSEC Door Controllers accurately track and manage employee attendance, improving how the workforce is managed.
  • Make it easy for visitors to come in, and keep an eye on everyone moving around inside the building.
  • Keep an eye and track movement on the entry of contracted workers, making sure they only access designated areas.