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Industrial IOT Companies in Dubai, UAE

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With the Industrial IOT

Leverage industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to drive innovation, improve your business outcomes and build a smart, connected enterprise.

The IIoT is being used to reshape industries and competitive landscapes because market leaders have recognized its ability to improve business outcomes. If you’re seeking to better understand who is using the IIoT, and how it’s transforming their business, we encourage you to consult our complementary State of the IIoT Market report.

Ensure success with smart IIoT solutions

Successful IIoT implementation depends upon choosing projects that return both rapid and sustained value. Ensure your IIoT success with proper planning and strategic selection of use cases.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms

This report surveys the emerging IIoT market and defines IIoT platforms with specific must-have capabilities. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant also designates PTC as an IIoT visionary, based on the highest ability to execute and the furthest completeness of vision.

PTC’s strategic IIoT Partnerships

o deliver the best IIoT solutions, PTC has partnered with global industrial technology leaders. Together, we’re helping our customers redefine how they integrate data, control assets and host their solutions. You can use our partner finder to locate additional PTC partners here.

Explore ThingWorx industrial IoT

What is ThingWorx? ThingWorx is the market-leading choice for industrial IoT solutions, built on an end-to-end platform and boasting a complete set of must-have IIoT capabilities. ThingWorx can be configured to meet your hosting requirements, whether you need on-premise IoT, cloud-based IoT, or IoT at the edge. ThingWorx Apps can accelerate your IIoT projects, from local pilots to global production. Click here to explore ThingWorx, or select a capability to learn more.