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Datacenter Professional Cleaning Service: Dubai UAE

We would like to introduce DPCS “Datacenter Professional Cleaning Service”. During normal use of a Data Center there is a continuous increase of the dust in the air in the environment, in order to minimize this pollution we are introducing The DPCS which will make sure the particle content inside the datacenter is below of ISO 14644 Class 8  cleanroom standard:

Datacenter Professional Cleanliness Standards

Datacenter Professional Cleaning Services

Datacenter Technical Cleaning

ISO 14644 cleanroom standard, recommends to have an annual contamination measurement, and performing a technical cleaning for Datacenter and Communication rooms and when the dirt level exceed the standards, The technical cleaning has to be performed by expert technicians which utilizes special techniques and tools which designed for a cleaning without re-contaminating the environment or disturbing the Datacenter functionality.

Datacenter Technical CleaningDatacenter Technical Cleaning Dubai

The cleaning process will normally performed from top of the room, followed by top of the racks, then flooring (The dirt reduces the dissipating property of tiles and tiles must be taken out of the room to get cleaned and installing them back again in the room, and finally levelling them properly), this process ends at the free space between the floor and subfloor (the most important area of a Datacenter in matter of contamination and cleaning), because it is where generally the cold air is distributed to the racks and it is the most critical location because the dirt and dusts get accumulated.

Benefits of Technical cleaning:

  • Extending Life of the installed devices inside the Datacenter by removing the contamination
  • Minimizing Risk of Fire for accumulated dust inside the hardware
  • To do not lose warranty of sensitive equipment’s because of environmental condition
  • Avoid electro static shock which may cause transmission errors between the Equipments
  • Avoid metal oxidation
  • Minimizing corrosion and hardware failures
  • Minimizing air pollution
  • Removing alive contamination
  • Avoiding none qualified personal cleaning which may causes system break downs
  • Maintaining the Datacenter environment free of contamination particles
  • Extending the lifespan of cooling units filters
  • Avert the corrosive cleaning products which may attack the hardware and contaminate the air inside the datacenter

Contamination Control Tiles

There are many points which needs to be concerned in-order to keep datacenter clean all the time, such as not unpacking the Equipment’s inside the datacenter, using a vacuum cleaner at the time of the drilling and the most important one is to eliminate entering the contamination with IT staff inside the room!

Datacenter is a protected environment and generally hermetic; 80% of the dust and dirt in the critical area of Datacenter are brought with feet “when the technicians go inside the room”, 5% due to piping, cabling or sealing deficiency, and the last 15% due to the servers or other Equipments.

The contamination control tiles can eliminate 80% of contamination and should be placed in the room entrance, outside of the room to catch 99% of the dust and dirt of IT Staff shoes before entering to the room. Following images demonstrate the typical dirt that can be captured by Contamination Control Tiles:

Contamination Control TilesContamination Control Tiles Dubai

Following are main benefits of installation of Contamination Control Tiles:

  • Larger servers and Equipment’s lifespan
  • Data loss and read/write errors reduction
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Cooling cost reduction

As mentioned Datacenter is a sensitive environment and Synergix will assist you to keep it in industry standard levels, for more information please feel free to contact us for any query or clarification.