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Boost your Business Productivity with IT AMC Services

AMC Services

The AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is the type of contract between two entities, In this case, a company provides maintenance services to the other company that purchased the service and delivers regular maintenance and repair services to the equipment and machinery. It helps the company or businesses to create and maintain a vigorous IT infrastructure. This service delivers software and hardware continuance in an office. The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) shelters any device that a business uses for its functioning purpose, devices like computers, laptops, UPS, printers, routers, batteries, stabilizers, PA systems, etc. 

IT AMC services are designed to help small and large businesses shake off the burden of IT management to expert professionals. In UAE, IT AMC services allow businesses to focus on their main business activity without any fear of technology. Our company delivers an annual maintenance contract to make sure that your IT system is working 24×7. If any problem occurs that is fixed and managed, your whole system will enjoy full repair. There are many benefits of having an IT AMC are-

  • Regular service and repair
  • 24×7 support
  • Keeps your IT systems up to date and running smoothly
  • Cuts down the IT infrastructure costs
  • No need to search for a new technician every time
  • Fast response
  • Secure, profitable, and reliable

Advantage of a Robust IT AMC in a Company

1. Cost Saving

AMC is a process that provides maintenance of equipment and machinery at a low cost. It allows businesses to extend the cost of maintenance with the life of the contract, instead of paying for a single repair service. Take an example of air conditioning systems, with the AMc, the per year cost is $ 1,000 and on the other hand, a single repair cost is $ 500. Choose AMC services that allow companies to save money on repair and refine their bottom line.

2. Priority Service

The businesses or people who choose AMS services typically receive priority services, when they see any issue with equipment or machinery. It simply means that businesses can fast repair their supplies, decrease rest, and stay away from failed abundance. Take an example of printing presses, people who choose AMC, take repair services within 24 hours whereas non-contract customers have to wait for weeks for repair services.

3. Increased Equipments Lifespan

Regular maintenance and checking can assist in identifying the stamina of tools and machinery. The AMC services make sure that equipment and machinery are regularly checked and maintained, and it can also identify and fix the issue before it transfers into a big problem. Take the example of a generator, AMC can regularly check oil quantity and regularly change oil and filter replacement, which can help the generator work smoothly and live long-lasting.

4. Regular Maintenance Checks

An AMC service must have a regular maintenance system. Many businesses can stay away from costly repair and replacements with the help of AMC which delivers regular maintenance of their equipment and machinery. On the other hand, that guides businesses to maintain prime equipment conditions, decreasing the risk of unpredicted downtime. For example, take an Annual Maintenance Contract for an elevator, with regular look-over, oiling, and accommodation to prevent breakdowns. 

5. Peace of Mind

Estable or choose AMC services for your equipment and machinery, businesses can easily rest without any worry about their equipment. The AMC makes sure that all equipment is well-maintained and works smoothly and also helps businesses to focus on their main operation while knowing that their equipment is well-maintained. For example, choose an Annual Maintenance Contract for a computer network that delivers periodic backups, virus scans, and reworked software, these all things help stop data failure and rest.

Components of an AMC Services

1. Scope of Services

In an AMC specific, the scope of services is included that are delivered by the service provider. The service includes the equipment cover, the type of maintenance performed, and which frequency is performed. For example, Choose AMC for a manufacturing plant that delivers supervision for presentation supplies, HVAC systems, and electrical methods, and monthly or yearly visits are also included.

2. Contract Duration

 The contract duration is the main specific in AMC that identifies how long the AMC will work or affect. AMC is available for one year but long contracts are also available. The AMC for a hospital, available for three years has annual renewal options.

3. Service Frequency

The service frequency is a service that performs maintenance checks. The Service frequency extension is chosen according to the type of equipment and required level of maintenance. Take an example of a commercial Kitchen, choose AMC that delivers weekly visits, and for a water treatment plant, AMC delivers daily visits. 

4. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA is a main feature in AMC services that manages and settles expectations for both parties and declares the response time, repair time, and level of service. For example, choose AMC with SLA for an IT infrastructure that ensures a two-hour response time and a five-hour restoration time for pressing matters.

5. Cost

The total cost of an AMC depends on various elements like the kind of tools, the range of services, and the time of agreement. The AMC services are provided at a lower cost than the one single repair. For example, for a fleet of vehicles, the AMC contract per month costs $ 100 and on the other hand, single repair could cost $ 500 or more. 

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