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Bluechipgulf Offers Grandstream’s Phones in Dubai

Grandstream Distributor in the UAE

Grandstream is well-known for its high-quality products; however, in order to maximize their benefits, you must first purchase them. You must ensure that you are purchasing from the correct reseller. We are the leading Grandstream Distributor in the UAE, offering not only the most recent products but also trustable services. Grandstream Telephone System combines the benefits of an on-premise system with the agility, flexibility, and features of a VOIP Telephony system.

Grandstream communication products enable you to conduct business at any time, from any location, using any device you choose. Grandstream provides a comprehensive range of Business IP Telephones and communication endpoints. Grandstream Business Phones include phones for a wide range of applications, including devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, Dect Phones, and across campuses, as well as in-office, mobile, and redial phones.  

Your business requires Grandstream Dubai

Do you wish to boost your company’s productivity? The greatest approach to do so is to improve your office’s audio communication route. This manner, you may boost productivity by improving and streamlining your company’s workflow.

The fact that Grandstream’s outstanding quality has gained it an ISO 2001 accreditation, proving the calibre and claims of the telecommunication industry leaders, gives you an idea of the high level of its products.

Whether you require Grandstream’s high-quality IP voice products or high-quality video telecom solutions, Grandstream has a large choice of both. Grandstream’s products are widely used in Dubai, but the company’s products are also used in 149 other countries across the world.

Grandstream Offers Various variety

Grandstream has a wide range of business IP phones and communication endpoints. Phones for usage at workstations, in conference rooms, Dect Phones, and throughout campuses, as well as in office, mobile, remote, and video users, are all available from Grandstream Business Phones.

Grandstream PBX System Dubai

The UCM series IP PBX from Grandstream provides a comprehensive set of unified communication functions in an easy-to-manage IP Telephone System.

Small and medium businesses will benefit from the UCM6100 series, which supports up to 500 users, while small and medium businesses will benefit from the UCM6510, which supports up to 2000 users.

Grandstream Distributor in the UAEWith the Grandstream Telephone system, you can expand up to 2000 users on a single control unit, providing a fail-safe phone system solution that boosts your company’s resilience. The license-free structure enables you to expand your system without the need for further licencing, reducing deployment time and lowering the cost of new product purchases.

Grandstream IP Phones Dubai – IP Voice Telephony

The GXP series color-screen IP phones have 3, 4, or 6 line options, as well as a suite of advanced VoIP calling features to improve workplace productivity and collaboration. HD audio, a full colour screen, a variety of BLF/speed dial/extension module options, and built-in Bluetooth are all features of the GXP Series IP Phones. The GXP1600 IP phone series was created with small businesses in mind.

Grandstream Distributor in the UAEBusiness Conferencing Systems

Grandstream Video Conferencing systems come in a variety of models to meet the demands of any organisation. The GVC3200 features 9-party conferencing, three displays, and a 12X zoom PTZ camera. The GVC3202 and GVC3210 offer a somewhat lesser capacity alternative for businesses looking for up to 3-way video-conferencing and support for up to 2 Full HD displays when compared to the GVC3200 VC System.The GVC3202 has a 9X zoom PTZ camera, while the GVC3210 has a 16MP static camera with a 90-degree wide angle. Grandstream Video Conferencing Systems come in a variety of variants with HD video and built-in VGA/HDMI ports for content sharing. The new GVC3210 model supports 4K resolution and the HEVC/H265 codec. The Grandsream Video Conferencing systems are meant to be extremely user-friendly.

Grandstream Distributor in the UAEFinal Words:

Grandstream offers a wide range of IP phones that are customised to meet the needs of businesses. Thus, regardless of the size or nature of your business, you will undoubtedly discover a product from Grandstream Distributor in the UAE that is appropriate for it. So you can contact the best IT Company in Dubai today to get the free consultation .