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Bluechip Mobility System – Kiosk Lockdown Software

Secure. Monitor. Manage.

Kiosks are great tools for businesses to connect with customers and employees for information sharing and data collection. However, the process of building a traditional kiosk is complicated and time-consuming. The cost associated with industrial kiosks is also exorbitant for most businesses.

Bluechip offers a quick and easy way to lock down off-the-shelf mobile devices and convert them into portable yet versatile and powerful kiosks in minutes. Tablets, smartphones, or even desktop computers/laptops can be used as dedicated purpose devices.

Application Management

You can use it to allow only selected applications to run on the device. Choose just a single application or multiple applications to turn Android, iOS or Windows devices into kiosks within minutes.

Device Security

It blocks access to all non-whitelisted applications, device settings, lockdown settings, hardware keys and diagnosis mode like Safe Mode to offer most secured environment for your purpose specific mobile devices.

It also offers robust

lockdown with option to disable Wifi, Airplane Mode, USB port, hardware keys etc.

Cloud Support

It offers export and import of lockdown settings to a secured Cloud for easy mass configuration and deployment. You can also use Cloud option to setup autoconfiguration of mobile device and lockdown settings.

Highly Customizable UI

It also offers option to customize the look and feel of lockdown device. Set wallpapers, add screensaver, define screen behaviour on specified status and more.

A lockdown solution lets you restrict users to only allowed apps on the device. It lets you convert mobile devices into kiosks, allows remote mass device configuration to save time and advanced lockdown features to offer comprehensive device and data security.

Application Management

Whitelist and allow functioning of only approved application(s) on the device.

Single Application Mode

Lockdown mobile device into kiosk mode with access to just a single application.

Device Security

Secure devices with blocked access to lockdown/device settings including Safe Mode.

Branding & Personalization

Brand mobile devices with customized UI; wallpapers, icons, screensaver, title bars etc.

Device Peripheral Locking

Disable mobile device peripherals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, Mobile Data, GPS etc.

Multi-user Profiles

Allow different users to access the same device with different lockdown profiles.

Driver Safety

Set speed threshold to prevent drivers using mobile devices while driving above specified speed.

Auto Lockdown Configuration

Use settings import/export from cloud to schedule auto updates of lockdown and device settings.

Compatibility with MDM – Mobile Device Management Solution

Use MDM’s inbuilt option to remotely install, configure and manage.

Disable hardware Keys

Disable external hardware keys of the mobile devices including volume buttons, power button etc.


Get insights of the applications used by the user and the duration for which they were used.

Battery Saving Features

Enable battery saving features like auto brightness adjustment, brightness on battery level etc.

Offline Activation

Activate offline using device details like IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC and GUID.

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