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Augmented Reality Companies Dubai, UAE

Innovate With Industrial Augmented Reality

Industrial AR connects users across digital and physical worlds. With Vuforia, you can change more than just products, operations and services—you’ll transform your business.

Augmented reality isn’t some pie in the sky technology that’s coming someday soon. It’s here now, and it’s driving real-world use cases that will have industry-shaking ramifications in the very near future. A large percentage of companies have already recognized this and are moving fast to embrace this revolutionary technology.

In this report, IDC shares the results of a survey deployed to identify the most popular use cases for AR technology already driving measurable ROI in the industrial enterprise:

  • Service: 62% of respondents agree AR is driving a measurable ROI for service
  • Training: 51% of respondents agree AR is driving a measurable ROI for employee training
  • Sales and Marketing: 65% of respondents agree AR is driving a measurable ROI for sales
  • Manufacturing: More than 76% of respondents agree AR is driving a measurable ROI for manufacturing

Industrial AR Leader

Vuforia is widely known as the industry leader in industrial augmented reality through its best-in-class computer vision technology, robust tracking capabilities and breadth of platform support. It is the most widely used software for handheld devices & digital eyewear available today. With 600K+ registered developers and hundreds of leading global enterprise customers across 30+ verticals – no other technology is used in more applications to deliver the power of augmented reality.

Get Started with Industrial AR Use Cases

Augmented Reality can bring value to your business in many areas. In the industrial enterprise, these use cases stand out with rapid ROI, easy adoption, and a meaningful way to stand out from your competition.

Vuforia Products

Vuforia AR solutions and empowering industry leaders to transform how their products and services are experienced.

Augmented Reality Industry Solutions

Augmented reality is transforming enterprises across many industries. Discover how AR is reshaping yours.

Aerospace and Defense
Transform manufacturing and service processes to remain on time and on budget.

Electronics and High-Tech

Improve equipment availability, product quality, and reduce scrap.


Manufacture, train, and service more efficiently with augmented reality.


Boost operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.

Life Sciences

Increase equipment quality and exceed customer expectations with AR solutions.

Retail and Consumer Products

Engage customers with innovative digital experiences.


Over half a million developers have chosen the advanced computer vision, calibrated performance and cross-platform reach of Vuforia Engine, making it the most popular AR development software on the planet. Start developing today!