4 April 2018
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IP-based KVM and VDI extension & switching

COMBINE HIGH- PERFORMANCE KVM WITH VDI IN ONE HOMOGENEOUS SOLUTION As KVM-over-IP continues to evolve, users can use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) over IP. VDI-over-IP applications extend KVM signals with HD video over a LAN or a wide area network (WAN). InvisaPCTM enables communication over the Internet, enabling both traditional KVM as well as remote […]

3 April 2018
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Zero-Touch KVM Switching

SIMPLE SWITCHING BETWEEN COMPUTER SYSTEMS BY MOVING THE MOUSE The Freedom II KVM Switch enables a single USB keyboard mouse user to easily access information and control operations across four USB computer systems and monitors, saving time, money, and space. The Freedom II works like an extended desktop switch on a single computer. Once you […]

2 April 2018
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Instantaneous HD Video Switching

REAL-TIME ACCESS TO 4K VIDEO SIGNALS, AUDIO, USB AND MORE One way in which Black Box is responding to the trend towards 4K is with the new 4K60 module for the tried-and-tested DKM system that is in widespread use in studios. Thanks to the modular design, only the relevant new card should be installed or […]

1 April 2018
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Multiview KVM Switching

ACCESS UP TO FOUR CPUs AND MONITORS SIMULTANEOUSLY IN REAL-TIME The 4Site Flex simultaneously displays four analog or digital computers and video sources on a single screen in real time with smooth video performance at full refresh rates without frame dropping. Each input video can be resized and repositioned anywhere on the display. Computer sources […]

31 March 2018
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Complete Multisystem and Room Control

WHEN YOU NEED TO OWN THE ROOM Achieve the highest level of automated room control with ControlBridge™. Use this comprehensive system to connect and control everything in conference rooms, classrooms, and control rooms: AV systems including projectors, sound, screens, and more; KVM systems; and room controls, such as lights and window shades. Instead of fumbling […]

28 March 2018
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Real Time Temperature Monitors

Provides Assures Monitors Visibility Quality Compliance Cool Guard – Real Time Temperature Monitors track and collect valuable data about temperature sensitive products. These highly reliable electronic devices enables customers to make immediate decisions and gain visibility into every critical elements of the supply chain. Cool guard range combine sturdy and compact design combined with sophisticated […]

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