Information Technology Helping to Foster the Organizations

In the world of Information Technology, there are still several companies that tend to undervalue the impact of IT can have on their organization, which is why the service of IT support in Dubai has been facilitating exponentially. From past decades everything has gone from manual to automatic, so as easy it seems for the […]

20 November 2019
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Take the Control of Your Data with Your Own Data Server

Having a third-party server in-charge of your data is a good idea, but being the one who is in control of managing and maintaining information is miraculous. Are you wondering whether it is time to have your own data server? Well, why to pay over thousands of bucks to a third-party like for storing your […]

Proactive IT Service Companies in Dubai Altering the Business Outlook

The change in economic structure has resulted in a significant boost in IT industries as well. As we have seen in the past few years, IT support has been reformed evidently, and the studies claim that in the coming years, the IT services in Dubai will be increased. The espousal of cloud technology has generated […]

9 October 2019
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ABBY Document Management Solution

Document management is define as an area of ​​activity that includes active and systematic control of the creation, receipt, preservation, use, and selection (transfer) of documents, including the processes of inclusion in the system and preservation (in the form of documents) of evidence and information about business and management activities organisation. Document Management Solution Includes […]

4 October 2019
Cyber Attaack
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What is Distributed Denial of Service attack?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks refers to distributed denial of service attack. The success of this type of attack is based on bandwidth limitation, which is one of the characteristics of any network resource, for example, such as the infrastructure supporting the company’s website. During a DDoS attack, a large number of requests are […]

24 September 2019
Virtual Employee
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Benefits of hiring a virtual employee for your business

Regardless of whether you hire one virtual assistant or build an entire team of virtual staff, outsourcing to remote team members can significantly affect your productivity and the growth of your business. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a virtual assistant: Time The most important advantage is by no means money, but […]

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