Dell Server in Dubai – Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers


Available Models: PowerEdge Tower Servers

PowerEdge T130 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge T130 Tower Server

Powerful 1-socket, mini-tower first server for small office/home office and SMB to consolidate data and drive applications faster.
New PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server

Dell New PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server


Ideal for small office/home office collaboration, file storage and sharing, and data protection.
PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

Drive SMB and remote office/branch office applications faster and grow your data with a powerful and expandable 1-socket tower server.
PowerEdge T430 Tower Server

PowerEdge T430 Tower Server

Accelerate performance in office environments with a powerful 2-socket tower server featuring an expandable design and quiet acoustics.
PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

Drive a wide range of demanding workloads with a flexible server offering peak 2-socket performance and huge internal storage capacity.
PowerEdge 12G T320 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 Tower Server

Deliver reliable performance for your core business applications with the robust flexibility of the PowerEdge™ T320 tower server.
PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server

PowerEdge T20 Tower Server

Boost collaboration in your home or small office with a quiet, compact server that helps all users get organized, share information more efficiently and become more productive.
PowerEdge 12G T420 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge 12G T420 Tower Server

Help deliver robust performance, scalability and reliability to your organization with the ample power, memory and I/O bandwidth of the PowerEdge™ T420 tower.

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