New Office IT Setup & Relocation Dubai

We plan and assist you in your new endeavors of moving your office IT equipment and infrastructure. We deal with all the complex assemblage that is your IT room – all the equipment, all the data and software, all the cables and everything there is, a part of the famous IT department in your office! At BlueChip, we specialize in providing you with the right fusion of expertise and assistance to make sure your office move is a great success! Venturing into a new direction, opening your office in a new location is one of the most major tasks you will ever take! It is nothing less than a celebratory moment in your organization’s life. What comes along with this move is moving your IT infrastructure and equipment – which is no less! The most vital aspect of your business – IT infrastructure – needs professional help when moving. You could drive yourself insane trying to do it all alone.

We supplement you with the following Office IT setup and relocation services –

  • Cables: Arranging, de-arranging, layout and planning, as per the needs of your new office location.
  • Audio and Video: AV systems and infrastructure for your conference rooms, including music and microphone systems.
  • Security: Meeting and arranging all surveillance requirements and managing all your control systems.
  • ISP and telephone services: Moving your current telephone numbers and equipment, along with managing and arranging old and new phone lines. Moving your IP Address and providing you exceptional ISP. Managing your data and voice infrastructure for your new office location
  • Phone system: Setting up new phone systems/upgrading the old ones
  • Cloud storage and emails:Saving and backing up all your data,Computing storage needs and managing all your important documents, along with email conversations.
  • IT Servers: Ensuring no loss of servers at the new location, Reprogramming firewall, Updating DNS servers
  • Workstations:Managing computer workstations and setting them in your new location, Testing their connectivity to ISP and DNS servers

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IT Consultancy

Bluechip IT Consultancy services help various businesses achieve their goals by framing efficient strategies for implementing IT solutions & services.  Gaining expertise in offering Consultancy and IT services to our valued clients nationwide, we have constituted a team of dexterous workers and competent professionals who enable us in offering solutions in all aspects regarding IT.

We offer Website Design, Development & Hosting, Document Digitization, Software development, General End-user support, Hardware Support, Technical Support. Providing feasible solutions by individually interacting with our clients, we are able to understand and analyze their requirements and offer relevant services catering to their requirements.  We have gained vast experience and expertise in providing End to end support, Hardware support & Technical Support to End users, Small business establishments, and organizations. We offer these services at affordable prices.

IT Solution Dubai

Structured Cabling

  • Demarcation point is the point where the service provider’s network ends and connects with the on-premises wiring at the client premises. Its normally knows as a DP box.
  • Equipment or Telecommunications Rooms/Data Centers house equipment and wiring consolidation points that serve the users inside the building.
  • Vertical or Riser Cabling connects between the equipment/telecommunications rooms, typically on different floors.
  • Horizontal wiring can be IW (inside wiring) or Plenum Cabling and connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets or work areas on the floor, usually through the cable trays, conduits or ceiling spacing of each floor.
  • Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal structured cabling system

There are many Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai those are provided structured cabling installation services Dubai but Bluechip Computer is expertise in this field. Bluechip,  best IT systems Dubai provides structured cabling services at a very affordable cost. We install any type of cables like Shielded pair cabling unshielded pair cabling, backbone cabling, FTP cabling, Fiber optic cabling, and many more. We also provide quality installations of Voice and Data Cabling throughout the UAE.

Installation and Maintenance of IP PBX

When it comes to maintaining an organization within a company, the PABX system is an essential part of the technological infrastructure. It is the channel through which different forms of information course through from one source to another. It allows different contact points within the corporate network to communicate with one another through a secure private line. It also allows those same contact points to branch out to an outside line for communication. PABX installation in Dubai and across the world serves as the neural network that connects different departments to facilitate the unified functionality of the whole company.

Here at BlueChip, we have the technical expertise and industry experience to perform the IP PBX system in Dubai within any infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a network fit for a start-up company or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized corporation, we can help you.

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

We can customize an office wireless network based on the number of users, types of devices, and physical size of the buildings to ensure the most cost-effective wireless solution for your office. Bluechip can provide you with a well-planned and scalable office wireless network that gives you, your employees, and their devices always-on access that’s flexible, inexpensive, easy to maintain, no signal dropouts or delays. 100% coverage – 100% of the time.

We will review your current IT landscape and the way in which your users access information both internally within the office and from home office environments. This will include the types of devices they are using to connect to your network (company and personal) and any priority that needs allocating to certain devices. We will survey the office to allow us to accurately plan and design your wireless network to ensure 100% coverage for both fixed and roaming users.

Security Solution Implementation

Businesses today are threatened by a growing plethora of security threats, with corporate spies and thieves finding more imaginative ways to infiltrate and pilfer valuable information to sell to industry competitors. With this in mind, we are working to provide security solutions that bolster the defensive line of companies and businesses against corporate espionage.

Considered amongst the leading CCTV companies in Dubai, we at Bluechip Gulf offer a comprehensive suite of packages to help you protect your trade secrets. We have partnered with some of the most trusted CCTV installers to provide you with fully-equipped surveillance networks featuring the latest security cameras and monitoring products in Dubai.

Backup Solution Implementation & Cloud Solutions

One of the most important aspects of business success is data storage. Whether your business has to store employee records, financial details, assets, company expansion plans, customer records or everything about the company, it is imperative that you settle for the best possible data storage solution. It would be unfortunate for a company in this age to be grounded just because data is lost, damaged or compromised and there is no way to recover it. Data integrity and security is very serious and many companies invest a fortune to make sure that their information is safe and secure. If you are looking for one of the most reliable, secure and reasonably priced data storage solution options on the market.

Server Management

Bluechip offers Server Management in Dubai, specializing in monitoring Small business servers, Terminal servers’ and file and print servers. We use our monitoring tools and software to measure key metrics on your business’ critical servers. The software constantly checks your network for threats and triggers off alarms if there is a problem which is then reported directly to our engineers.

Server Management in Dubai is Must for Data safety and management

As the number of users increases, the reliability of that machine would become higher, making it more difficult for the user using that system. Let’s say when you get a problem with the system and you reboot the system while other people are already accessing or processing something from the same system, you could lose your data. Not a good thing.  This is where a Server comes in. It gives you centralized access.

Firewall Solutions

The advent of technology has made our lives so easy that it hardly requires any hard work to get things done, all it takes is the smart work to perform complex tasks. With life becoming easy, technology has also created a simple path for illegitimate activities, where intruders are using techniques to hack your data by finding some sort loophole in network security. This is where network and data security becomes the most important component of any organization.

Time Attendance System

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is one of the top-rated providers of IT solutions and time attendance machines in Dubai. With an excellent reputation for our world-class solutions and services, we are dedicated to bringing the finest products and services to our esteemed clients in the United Arab Emirates, all of which meet global standards. Our team is based on 40+ highly educated and experienced tech support engineers who hold a passion to service our clients and provide highly rated products.