Leading 3D Printing Service in Dubai UAE

3DC-printing (short from 3DCoat for 3d printing) is a compact studio with one primary goal – let you create your models for 3d printing as easy as possible. Voxel sculpting technology allows you to do anything that is possible in real world without worrying too much about technical aspects. Start of simple primitives, and go as […]

Authorized Canon’s Partner in Dubai, UAE

We are pleased to announce that Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is an Authorized Canon’s Partner in UAE. Partner Tiers Our new Programme has been designed to provide you with a clearly structured journey which supports growth, benefits that recognize and reward your achievement and expertise, and the focus and visibility to measure your success. Canon […]

EaZy-Q LED Dot Matrix Displays in Dubai, UAE

LED Dot Matrix Displays (Indoor)  

EaZy-Q TV Based Digital Signage Solution in Dubai, UAE

(For Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Eateries, Retail and more..)   TV based Digital Signage (Sample Layouts):

IT Security Provider in Dubai, UAE

We are an IT Security provider with 100% channel model and we work with IT Solution providers like you. We distribute products that offers Saas model which are ideal for your customers with AMC contracts. Our products are specially targeted at small & medium customers and offer great value for money. Our products can help […]

Best PBX System Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Bluechip Computer Systems has moved to an advanced platform and replace the conventional Private Branch Exchange which is generally known as PBX, is a little phone switch, with the IP PBX System. Among the scope of VoIP Solutions that Bluechip Computer offers, the IP PBX system  that it offers, is one of the most effortless […]

Yealink Video Solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype in Dubai, UAE

Broad-range | Reliable | Future-proof Yealink video devices for Microsoft come embedded with the Teams/SFB application for a consistent user interface that incorporates the calling and meeting features of Teams/SfB. The Yealink one-stop portfolio makes it easier for customers to select the solutions they seek and easily collaborate using equipment from a single vendor. Cover […]

SimLab AR/VR Mobile Viewer Product Suppliers Dubai, UAE

SimLab AR/VR Viewer is a free, all in one mobile solution that makes it easy to view and share 3D models with others. You can view your models in3D, VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) modes. 3D View mode allows the user to view and share 3D models with others. The user can use finger gestures to […]

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