Sustainability of Data Centers for Thriving the Organization

Data centers have always been an essential part of the organizations. If it wasn’t for the data centers, where would the data and critical files be stored safely? Therefore, tractability and reusability always play budding roles in building decisions around manufacturing future data center designs. The only thing that is common in the data centers […]

Take the Control of Your Data with Your Own Data Server

Having a third-party server in-charge of your data is a good idea, but being the one who is in control of managing and maintaining information is miraculous. Are you wondering whether it is time to have your own data server? Well, why to pay over thousands of bucks to a third-party like for storing your […]

Dell Server Tower and Rack Stock in Dubai

Dell Server T320 and R310 , R320 Offer for this month of October. We have this special offer on Dell Brand new Server and Options Stock Liquidation deal. Offer valid till stock lasts. Open to Realistic target price on some of the below model no and specification Dell PowerEdge T320-Tower @ AED 8200/- PowerEdge T320 Tower […]

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