Ruckus Current Stock List For This Month – Dubai UAE

Product ID Product Description On hand quantity  901-7025-WW02 ZoneFlex 802.11n (2.4 GHz) Wired/Wireless Wall Switch, off-white, 4 10/100 Ethernet Access Ports, POE in, 802.3af Ethernet out (one port), PBX pass through. US/UN (NEMA WD6-2002) or WW (BS 4662-2006+A1-2009) casing 12 901-7341-WW00 ZoneFlex single-band (2.4 GHz) Entry-Level 802.11n Wireless Access Point, 8-element smart antenna, one GE […]

Ruckus Access Point in Dubai – Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points

ZONEFLEX OUTDOOR WI-FI ACCESS POINTS Simply Better Connections with the Industry’s #1 Portfolio of Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus. Our industry-leading outdoor access points (APs) provide high-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment. ZoneFlex outdoor APs provide: The industry’s only outdoor […]

Ruckus Access Point in Dubai – Indoor Wi-Fi Access Points

ZONEFLEX INDOOR WI-FI ACCESS POINTS Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Reliable Wi-Fi Access Points for Simply Better Connections In the world of wireless LANs (WLANs), power and simplicity are like oil and water — they’ve just never mixed – until now. Ruckus WLAN systems bring power and simplicity together for large-scale indoor deployments. We provide high-performance, secure, reliable access […]

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