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Yealink Video Solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype in Dubai, UAE

Broad-range | Reliable | Future-proof

Yealink video devices for Microsoft come embedded with the Teams/SFB application for a consistent user interface that incorporates the calling and meeting features of Teams/SfB. The Yealink one-stop portfolio makes it easier for customers to select the solutions they seek and easily collaborate using equipment from a single vendor.

Cover a wide range of scenarios, including offices,
huddle rooms and large conference rooms.

• Delivering a vivid face-to-face video conference experience.
• Easier for everyone to be heard and involved in the meeting.
• Consistent and easy SFB/Teams experience with low learning cost.
• Simplify deployment, keep workspaces orderly and fit a wide range of needs.

MVC800 | Large meeting room | 12-20+ people

  • The 12x optical camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video at a significant
    distance. Thanks to its wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable
    camera angle, the MVC800 provides a broad view of large conference rooms.
  • The ability to connect up to four wired beam-forming array microphones
    combined with 20 feet and 360-degree voice pickup technology.
  • The MVC800 offers instant wireless content sharing without clutter. The
    powerful screen share adapter MShare integrates HDMI and mini-DP input
    ports and eliminates the need for additional adapters for Mac or Surface
    products. Support built-in wireless of dedicated network. Just plug-and-play
    and start sharing content with a single click.

What’s included

  • Mini-PC: NUC
  • Camera: UVC80
  • Console(touch pad): MTouch
  • Screen share adapter: MShare
  • Wired microphone: VCM34 (or optional CPW90 wireless microphone)
  • Speaker: Sound bar
  • Others components and accessories TBD

Why choose Yealink video Device Solutions

  • Channel experience
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Right and broad choices
  • Superior audio and video performance
  • Global delivery, simplify deploy and manage
  • Wireless and instant content sharing