What is a Chatbot and What Can a Chatbot Do for You?

An Introduction to Chatbots


Chatbots can provide services such as check bank accounts, transfer funds, order a pizza, book appointments, book a cinema ticket, pay your bill, share your location, as well as many other dynamic as well static requirements, over their social media or chatting apps, they can be used over social media, text messages, your website etc. Chatbots can work 24/7, handle multiple chats and customers generate business intelligence on the customer interactions, can be designed to offer multiple services at once, as well as the same time in a chat friendly, interactive way with instant access through social media.

Why use Chatbots, What can you do with Chatbots?

with the advent of messaging, like whatsapp and facebook, we live in instant communication era, therefore messaging and social media has replaced emails and phone calls and even websites, A chatbot bridges your communication gap between you and your audience, and enables visitors or customers to be able to interact with you right from their facebook chats instantly in a way over chats they are more accustomed with everyday.

Types of bots



  1. Answers questions about your business or organization
  2. Engages your customers and visitors
  3. Optimal solution for answering redundant questions on your support channels



  1. Answers questions about your business or organization
  2. Takes user through a predefined process
  3. Optimal solution for engaging users in a step-by-step process like filling application, or a simple transaction



  1. Answers questions about your business or organization
  2. Takes user through a predefined sales or service process
  3. Engages users in online sales process by providing products/services search and information
  4. Optimal solution for engaging users in the online sales process of your business through their entire customer journey

custom botHow Chatbots Work

Chatbots can be classified into two types:

  • Functions based on AI
  • Functions based on rules

Rule-based Bots

  • No artificial intelligence
  • Trained to do one thing
  • As smart as it is programmed to be
  • Communicates in a structured manner

Artificial Intelligence Bots

These are bots which learns o themselves, post statuses and manage your social media themselves through being in touch with latest news and happening, can be used as marketing agent, for customer services, for sales, can chat with customers in a more natural manner, using NLP ( Natural Language Processing) technology and keeps on updating itself through new customer interactions.

bot lifecycle

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