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WD HDD (Ultra, My Book) Updated Price Till Date Dubai UAE


Category Part Number Product Description Unit Price AED
Element WDBUZG5000ABK-WESN 500 GB Element 160.605504
WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN 1TB Element 200.071296
WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN 2TB Element 289.852992
Passport Ultra WDBYNN0010BBK-WESN 1TB Passport New 208.735488
WDBYFT0020BBK-WESN 2TB Passport New 306.068544
WDBYFT0030BBK-WESN 3TB Passport New 432.573696
WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN 4TB Passport New 481.260096
WDBP2P0020BBK-EESN Passport wireless Pro 2tb 686.736576
WDBSMT0030BBK-EESN Passport wireless Pro 3tb 746.233344
Metal WDBTLG0010BGD-WESN Ultra Metal New 1TB 297.404352
WDBFKT0020BGD-WESN Ultra Metal New 2TB 400.142592
WDBFKT0030BGD-WESN Ultra Metal New 3TB 519.096384
WDBFKT0040BGD-WESN Ultra Metal New 4TB 605.619072
Passport SSD WDBK3E0010PSL-WESN Passport SSD 1TB 1432.930176
WDBK3E2560PSL-WESN Passport SSD 256 497.475648
WDBK3E5120PSL-WESN Passport SSD 512 735.383232
My Book WDBBGB0030HBK-EESN 3TB My book New 389.332224
WDBBGB0040HBK-EESN 4TB My Book New 470.449728
WDBBGB0060HBK-EESN 6TB My Book New 724.572864
WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My Book New 903.023424
My Cloud WDBCTL0020HWT-EESN 2TB My Cloud 465.044544
WDBCTL0030HWT-EESN 3TB My Cloud 535.311936
WDBCTL0040HWT-EESN 4TB My Cloud 643.45536
WDBCTL0060HWT-EESN 6TB My Cloud 843.526656
WDBCTL0080HWT-EESN 8TB My Cloud 1146.375936
My Cloud Mirror WDBWVZ0040JWT-EESN 4TB My Cloud Mirror Gen2 1005.761664
WDBWVZ0060JWT-EESN 6TB My Cloud Mirror Gen2 1146.375936
WDBWVZ0080JWT-EESN 8TB My Cloud Mirror Gen2 1346.447232
WDBWVZ0120JWT-EESN 12TB My Cloud Mirror Gen2 1806.046848
WDBWVZ0160JWT-EESN 16TB My Cloud Mirror Gen2 2287.306944
Cloud EX2 Ultra WDBVBZ0000NCH-EESN 0TB Cloud EX2 Ultra 562.3776
WDBVBZ0040JCH-EESN 4TB Cloud EX2 Ultra 1065.258432
WDBVBZ0080JCH-EESN 8TB Cloud EX2 Ultra 1568.139264
WDBVBZ0120JCH-EESN 12TB Cloud EX2 Ultra 2065.614912
WDBVBZ0160JCH-EESN 16TB Cloud EX2 Ultra 2892.926016
Cloud EX4100 WDBWZE0000NBK-EESN WD 0TB My Cloud EX4100 1146.375936
WDBWZE0080KBK-EESN WD 8TB My Cloud EX4100 2411.66592
WDBWZE0160KBK-EESN WD 16TB My Cloud EX4100 3293.068608
WDBWZE0240KBK-EESN WD 24TB My Cloud EX4100 4417.784064
WDBWZE0320KBK-EESN WD 32TB My Cloud EX4100 5785.852032
WDBUTV0060JSL-EESN WD 6TB Thunderbolt Duo 1286.950464
WDBUTV0080JSL-EESN WD 8TB Thunderbolt Duo 1605.975552
Cloud PR4100 WDBNFA0000NBK-EESN WD 0TB My Cloud Pro 1768.21056
WDBNFA0080KBK-EESN WD 8TB My Cloud Pro 2849.684544
WDBNFA0160KBK-EESN WD 16TB My Cloud Pro 3817.570176
WDBNFA0240KBK-EESN WD 24TB My Cloud Pro 4812.521472
WDBNFA0320KBK-EESN WD 32TB My Cloud Pro 5823.728064
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