It’s more important than ever to secure your personal information on the internet in today’s high tech world. This is especially applicable to your email, which frequently holds private information. Because standard email providers like Gmail do not encrypt emails on the server, your emails could be read by anybody who has access to the server.

This is why it is essential to utilize a secure email provider. Secure email providers use end-to-end encryption to encrypt emails. This implies that the emails’ content is only accessible to the sender and the person who received them. No one else, including the email provider itself, can read your emails.

At Bluechip Computer Systems, recognized as the best IT Company in Dubai, we prioritize the security of your data above all else. We understand that safeguarding sensitive information is crucial for today’s success and integrity of the business. This blog aims to minimize the possibility that prioritizing data security is paramount or above all else.

What Are Secure Email Providers?

Secure email providers offer a more robust level of security compared to free email services. They make use of functions such as end-to-end encryption, which jumbles emails before sending them so that only the planned receiver can decode them. Additionally, secure email providers often have stricter data privacy policies and advanced security measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access.

List of Top Secure Email Providers

While there are many secure email providers available, but here are the top 10 providers which are discussed below –

1. ProtonMail: ProtonMail, a Swiss-based email service is a popular choice for users seeking top-notch security. It provides end-to-end encryption, preventing ProtonMail itself from accessing your emails, and offers a free plan with limited storage.

  • Features: End-to-end encryption, self-destructing emails, custom domains (paid plans only)

2. Tutanota: Tutanota, a Swiss-based email provider, prioritizes user privacy with its open-source encryption protocols and zero-access architecture, ensuring only the intended recipient can read your emails, and requires no personal information during signup.

  • Features: End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, image blocking, header stripping, phishing warnings

3. Zoho Mail: Zoho Mail is a secure email solution suitable for businesses due to its robust security features like S/MIME encryption and email recall, and its collaboration tools, available in both free and paid plans, making it an excellent choice for teams.

  • Features: Encryption in transit and at rest, digital signatures, word processor, spreadsheet software, webinar platform, chat feature

4. Mailfence: Mailfence is a Belgian provider offering user-friendly features and strong encryption, with both free plans with limited storage and paid plans with increased features. It provides end-to-end encryption and digital signatures, ensuring users have full control over their data.

  • Features: End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, OpenPGP encryption, digital signatures, password manager

5. Posteo: Posteo is a German email service that prioritizes user privacy and eco-friendliness. It offers a clean interface, an ad-free experience, and strong encryption, making it a trustworthy option for secure email services.

  • Features: End-to-end encryption (optional), encryption in transit and at rest, POP and IMAP support, anonymous registration and payment, email migration, powered by green energy

6. CounterMail: CounterMail, a Swedish incognito service, delivers remarkable privacy features, including diskless data storage and built-in PGP encryption. Its high learning curve makes it an excellent choice for people looking for complete secrecy in email conversation.

  • Features: Diskless servers, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, anonymous email headers, no IP logs, USB key option, IMAP support, password manager

7. Kolab Now: This open-source email service creates an encrypted and working environment for organizations. It offers features like calendaring and contact management alongside strong encryption.

  • Features: End-to-end encryption, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliant, calendars, notes, video conferencing

8. Runbox: Runbox is a reliable email provider with robust security features, offering both free and paid plans. It provides advanced spam filtering and two-factor authentication, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding your inbox.

  • Features: PGP encryption, two-factor authentication, IP allow listing, virus and spam filters, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and WAP support

9. StartMail: StartMail, a secure email service, is a reliable choice for individuals and businesses due to its strict no-logs policy and powerful encryption tools, run by the same team that runs Startpage.

  • Features: Strict No-Logs Policy, user-friendly interface, powerful encryption tools, receive hostname and IP address, advanced spam filtering

10. Hushmail: Hushmail, a reputable provider with both free and premium accounts, offers safe email communication using high encryption standards and a user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice among professionals and corporations.

  • Features: OpenPGP encryption, HIPAA compliance, separate archive account for audit trails

How to Choose a Secure Email Provider

secure email providers

When selecting a secure email provider, consider these factors –

1. Security Features – Most secure providers go for end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and strict password

2. Easy to Use – The interface ought to be simple enough for people of all skill levels to use.

3. Storage Capacity – Verify that the supplier has adequate storage to meet your company’s requirements.

4. Additional Features – Think about other features like video conferencing, calendars, or teamwork tools that are useful.

5. Cost – Secure email providers often offer paid plans with additional features, so it’s essential to select a plan that suits your budget.


Selecting the appropriate secure email provider holds paramount importance in safeguarding your business communications. At Bluechip Computer Systems, renowned as one of the premier IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, we bring forth extensive expertise in providing robust IT security solutions. Our goal is to give you the freedom to focus on your main business operations while entrusting us with the management of your IT infrastructure.