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Technical Support for Server, Desktops & Printers


What Bluechip Computer Systems expects from the customer

To provide the quickest response and to constantly enhance the level of service, please call the below given contact numbers.

IT Department:

Mr. Ranju Luke ( IT Head)

Mob: 055-3657576  Tel:  04-3586111 / 04-3524988; Fax: 04-3586222


Sales Department:

Mr. Inder Singh ( Regional Sales Manager)

Mob: 055-7860987 , Tel:  04-3586111 / 04-3524988; Fax: 04-3586222


  • That only authorized person(s) be named to liaise with Bluechip Computer Systems and in case of a change in this person the Client should immediately inform Bluechip Computer Systems.
  • The client or any of its group company should not offer any job or placement or any paid service to the placed engineer or any engineer working with Bluechip Computer Systems for the contract duration or a year after the termination of the contract.
  • Client have no right to offer any jobs or vacancy to Bluechip Computer Systems Staff, by doing so the contract will be void without any documentation given to the Client for IT Infrastructure.
      Service Level Agreement AED/Per Year
  Support for Server, Desktops & Printers Onsite Incidence Support

Unlimited Remote & Telephonic Support

Preventive Maintenance

Antivirus and OS Monitoring

Free Consultancy Services

  1. What this Contract Covers

The scope of coverage of the AMC will be all active and passive devices listed in the“Hardware covered under AMC” column of this agreement.

  • Bluechip Computer Systems shall provide comprehensive maintenance services which shall cover both preventive as well as corrective maintenance for all hardware assets covered under AM
  • Immediate and prompt response through the World’s 1 and top notch ticketing system. Tickets will be generated and registered for every breakdown call and it will be assigned to the respective engineer with a schedule or a solution to the call.
  • Maintenance support will be provided for Original Operating Systems, Anti-Virus, and Server Applications (till the update expiry period of the software).
  • The Company shall load/reload and configure operating systems and/or any other specific system software as the case may be in the equipment covered under AMC with the consent of the Client whenever the need arises.
  • AMC shall cover the updating of security patches on the operating systems which should be done immediately upon their release by the Principals after taking due permission of the Client.
  • Bluechip Computer Systems shall check/ensure updating of anti-virus files on all servers and PCs covered under the AMC.
  • Reactive and Proactive responses to the support calls by e-mail / fax / helpdesk login followed by telephonic calls in keeping with the criticality of affected operation as reported.
  • Proper response to follow-up calls by other members of the Support team whenever there is a query from the client about the status.
  • Customer will pay for any Hardware Spares after Bluechip Computer Systems declares the components faulty in order to rectify reported problems on the Hardware but Bluechip Computer Systems are understood to be the hardware guarantee for the customer which means the customer will not be obliged to arrange the hardware service with the hardware suppliers but Bluechip Computer Systems will do such arrangement on the customer’s behalf. The customer will approve the price of the Hardware Spares.
  • Any issues with the ISP, Bluechip will handle the communications part.
  1. What the AMC does not cover
    • Maintenance of any New Hardware Equipments like Multi Function Printers, and Servers. not purchased from Bluechip Computer Systems.
    • Re-training of Office personnel after the first training session. First training session takes place after signing the agreement in which our technical personnel will give training for first level troubleshooting
    • Data recovery in case of Hard Disk / Recovery drive crash of any computer systems or server or network drive.
    • AMC of Branch offices of Customers unless and until mentioned in the Contract.
    • Any Physical Damage or any damage caused due to Virus
      Affection / Electricity / Power Failure. However, Bluechip Computer Systems would assess the damage and report back to Space design on the new BOQ if required and relevant charges for hardware, software or implementation charges would be provided. Normal or Critical priority would be given based on the equipment that would need repair or re-ordered.
    • The Contract will not apply if the equipment is shifted from its original location, without prior intimation to the Bluechip Computer Systems.
    • Data backup is not included in this contract. Scheduled Data Backup will be provided only if this solution is procured from Bluechip Computer Systems separately.


Bluechip Computer Systems agrees to provide Annual Maintenance Service to ABC LLC having its Main Office in Dubai, UAE under the following terms and conditions.


Breakdown call is defined as that call required setting right the functioning of the office caused due to equipment malfunction and or failure arising out of normal use of the equipment, power failures, etc and this shall be attended as mentioned above. This call will be generated and registered through a ticketing system.


Bluechip Computer Systems will normally send their Customer Support Engineer according to priority defined by Customer.

Normal: within 6 hours or NBD (Next Business Day)

Critical: Within 1 Hour

Advice will be given through our ticketing system or over e-mail / telephone / fax /website portal as and when a breakdown call is received immediately. Remote Support using Team viewer / Ammyy admin / Bluechip Website portal would be available at all times. Transportation shall be the responsibility of Bluechip Computer Systems.


Support personnel will be there on site as and when required by Customer but response time will be according to priority as mentioned above.


All written information and data expressed to be confidential and made available by one party to the other in the performance of this Agreement will be treated as confidential and each party undertakes to treat such confidential information with the same care as it would reasonably treat its own confidential information

Upon expiration or termination of this agreement each party will return to the other party all confidential information not previously returned.

S. No. Items for AMC No. of Items
1 Desktops
2 Printers
3 Scanners
4 Telephones  and IP PABX
5 Servers
6 Biometric/ time attendance
7 CCTV/Cameras
8 Emails
9 Switches
10 Routers
11 Firewall – Security
12 Backup Storage
13 UPS – Power backup
14 Locations of Office Dubai, UAE

The customer shall pay the following charges:

S. No. Description Qty. Total Amount(AED)
1 Annual Maintenance Contract, Unlimited Remote And Telephonic Support

Onsite Support – 24 X 7

(Onsite Visits not to Exceed 24 Calls Per Year)

1 year

The same shall be paid in advance by cash or cheque  to Bluechip Computer Systems LLC.

This contract is valid for a period of Twelve months from the signing of contract. Bluechip Computer Systems reserves the right to revise the annual maintenance charges.

AUTHORISED SIGNATORY                                                       AUTHORISED SIGNATORY

(On behalf of Bluechip Computer Systems LLC)           (On behalf of ABC LLC)

OFFICIAL:                                                                                OFFICIAL:

TITLE:                                                                                              TITLE:

DATE:                                                                                               DATE: