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Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO – Town Hall Solution


Complete wireless integrated PA / Town Hall System.

The LSP 500 PRO is a wireless two-way audio system for professional use. It has been designed to address audiences at indoor and outdoor events without the need of any power or audio cables.

The wireless speaker system has everything on board: up to 3 wireless microphone links, music streaming via Bluetooth®, built-in music player/ recorder for USB devices and batteries for up to 6 hours’ operation time.


In addition, it comes with wireless control via iPad: Once the LSP 500 PRO is in service, you control the complete system with the swipe of a finger.

Input sources, sound mixing, playlist management and live recording are all done via iPad.

LSP 500 PRO is completely scalable even to sizable audiences and large events like trade shows, presentations, company or open-air events and concerts. Whether your job needs 2 or 20 speakers – LSP 500 PRO will deliver.  Invest in a future proof PA system with unlimited expandability. For maximum effect without all the hassle.

BENEFITS & FEATURESIntegrated PA system

Integrated PA system

Professional 2-way speaker

integrated 7 channel audio mixer

Completely wireless

Frees you from cables, from power outlets, from accessories.

Scale your presentation

Operate up to 20 speakersTown Hall System

Control your whole setup easily

App based monitoring

Forget stamina issues

Convenient charging and dual hot-swappable batteries

Expand your options hassle-free

Up to 3 wireless microphone links.

Bluetooth® music streaming.

Built in USB player/recorder.

Count on unmatched TCO

Save up to 70% setup time – every time*

Save up to 70% additional equipment cost*

Save up to 40% transportation effort*

*Compared to common PA Systems


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