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Cool Guard - Real Time Temperature Monitors

Cool Guard – Real Time Temperature Monitors track and collect valuable data about temperature sensitive products. These highly reliable electronic devices enables customers to make immediate decisions and gain visibility into every critical elements of the supply chain. Cool guard range combine sturdy and compact design combined with sophisticated features to meet variety of needs.

Kryo – 100 is a Cool Guard Series product for providing Temperature and other essential parameters visibility for cold room. Visibility of the conditions under which the products are stored is competitive advantage in today’s complex supply chain situations. Kyo-10 0 provides that advantage at an easy to implement and affordable cost.

Kryo – 100 – Features and Benefits

  • Provides  real time visibility for temperature to support Quality
  • Provides ability to correct temperature deviations before they impact product quality Provides Cold room Door / Open Duration status
  • Two  probe for  temperature monitoring (Cable length – 10meter)
  • Built in battery for 4 hrs (in case  of  Main power AC Off)
  • In built Real time clock
  • Senses the Compressor ON / OFF Status
  • Allows data to be viewed in real time through easy to use Cool Guard Cloud Application and Mobile Apps
  • AC ON/OFF through mobile Apps  or web application
  • Temperature Low/high alert configuration through mobile Apps  or web application
  • Temperature Low/High  alert on mobile Apps when temperature reaches the set value
  • Daily/Monthly temperature graph and report on mobile Apps as well web application
  • Device firmware update over the air
  • Power Input – 230V AC
Kryo –  100 Specifications
Temperature Measurement Range: Temperature: -40.0 °C to 60.0 °C.
Temperature Accuracy Range: ± 1 °C max. Over the full measuring range.
Communication: GSM-GPRS
Location method: Cellular based
Memory capacity: Up to 5000 logs.(Device logs the data when no GSM network available)
Back up Battery: Internal Lithium Battery3.7V ,2200mA
Data logging interval: minimum 1 min to maximum 2 hrs
Housing: ABS plastic
Dimensions: Main body: 86 x 70 x 25 mm.
Firmware Update: UART(TTL level) and Over the air
Function Setting: UART(TTL level) and Over the air
Supply Input 230V AC From Freezers input supply
Temperature Sensor Specifications
Resistance: 10 KΩ  (at 25 0 C)
Resistance Tolerance: 1%
B value: 3435 K  ((at 25/85 0 C)± 1 %
B Value Tolerance: 1%
Dissipation factor: 3 mW/ 0 C (in air)
Thermal time constant: Approx.  75 s (in air)
Maximum power rating: 15  mW (at 25 0 C)
Category temperature range: -50  ~ 105 0 C
(operating temperature range)

Cool Guard – Cloud Application & Mobile Apps – Features & Benefits

Cool Guard - Cloud Application & Mobile Apps

  • Centralized Monitoring System from Single Dash Board
  • Monitor all elements located in different geographical location
  • Produce an audit trail showing due diligence at a click
  • Minimizes or totally rids reliance on manual intervention
  • Generate instant exception alert s via email and messages

Cool Guard - Features & Benefits

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