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PTMP Solutions and Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Blazingly-Fast Subscriber Speeds

Get fiber-fast speeds for a fraction of the cost! Our fixed wireless solutions excel in PTMP links in urban, suburban and long-distance tower settings. Deliver blazing speeds to every device on the network and get the industry’s best return on investment.

Industry’s Leading Price/Performance

Rise above the noise! Bluechip Gulf suite of PTMP products offer extended frequency support for 4.9–6.4 GHz use, allowing you to escape congestion in the 5 GHz band.


Blazing fast! With subscriber speeds up to 500 Mbps, Bluechip Gulf  PTMP solution leads the fixed wireless space in price/performance.


No trenching required! Deliver fiber-fast wireless connectivity today, without the delays and expense of fiber.

Deploy Anywhere

Looking to stream ultra-fast broadband from a fiber-fed tower, or from a suburban MicroPoP? Or do you need to connect an urban MDU with blazing fast internet? Bluechip Gulf suite of access devices are engineered to perform. Bluechip Gulf offers the highest price/performance, multipoint solution in the industry. Flexible configurations allow deployments in virtually any environment.

Connecting Clients to Ultra-Fast Broadband

Whether you are connecting suburban subscribers, or long-range rural subscribers, Bluechip Gulf flexible client solutions offer industry-leading price/performance.

Amazing Antennas

Looking for deployment flexibility? Bluechip Gulf offers a range of powerful, custom-designed antennas to maximize your coverage.


Doubling the coverage area of the A5, the A5c plus N5-360 enables maximum performance where space allows. This 360º solution can be deployed on new towers, telephone poles, or hub homes, providing a low barrier to entry for high-speed connectivity.

Extended Frequency

Take advantage of Bluechip Gulf unique extended frequency range, enabling devices to operate anywhere from 4.9–6.4 GHz. Get out of the noise of standard Wi-Fi channels and into cleaner spectrum (in areas where you have a license, or your local regulations allow).


Decreased traffic congestion and the ability to process and interpret the avalanche of data all lead to safer environments and an improved quality of life.


As business models evolve, uncovering the hidden value in your existing infrastructure to deliver new products, services, and value to your customers and members will be essential.

Cloud Connected

Bluechip Gulf Cloud offers easy link design, planning, inventory management and installation assistance. Accessible from anywhere, Bluechip Gulf Cloud gives you a single pane-of-glass view of your entire network helping your business perform at its best. Mimosa’s robust and intelligent cloud platform comprises three key elements — Network Design Tool (NDT), Network Management System (NMS), and Mimosa’s Install Mobile App.


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