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PROKON Structural Analysis and Design – Dubai UAE

BLUECHIP Structural Analysis and Design includes several analysis modules for calculating deflections and design forces in structural members. At the core lies Sumo Structural Modeler and Frame Analysis, two general-purpose finite element analysis packages that integrate with the Bluechip steel, concrete and timber design modules. Separate modules are also available for special or simple tasks: Plane Stress/Strain Analysis, Single Span Beam Analysis and Beam on Elastic Support Analysis.

Analysis-Design Integration
Summary of integration between analysis and design modules:

Sumo Structural Modeller

Sumo is a three-dimensional structural modeller and building information modelling (BIM) software. With Sumo you can build 3D models of structures using physical structural components such as beams, columns and slabs. Sumo shields you from the complexities of finite element analysis while still keeping you in control of the finer details.

The Future of Frame Analysis

While Sumo is positioned to eventually replace Frame Analysis as the primary analysis tool in BLUECHIP, demand for Frame Analysis remains strong and will likely continue to do so for many more years. Maintenance updates of Frame Analysis will continue for as long as that is the case.

Sumo Structural Modeller is currently available as a “differential upgrade” from Frame Analysis. Existing users of Frame Analysis that upgrade to Sumo pay only the difference in price. Or for new orders, if you pay for Sumo then you get Frame Analysis and all its add-on modules at no extra charge.

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