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Bluechip is your trusted supplier for Dell servers in Dubai and beyond, serving numerous prestigious clients with top-quality products. Our commitment to delivering efficient and high-quality servers has established us as a prominent leader in the industry. Explore Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers in Dubai with Bluechip, your reliable source for Dell servers and excellence in server solutions.

Dell’s PowerEdge servers come in Towers (T), Racks (R), and Blades (M for modular). Rack servers have different sizes, measured in “rack units” – the higher the number, the bigger the server in a rack. It’s a simple way to understand their size in a rack. Dell PowerEdge tower servers showcase versatile and powerful performance. In contrast, rack servers represent the latest infrastructure, effectively minimizing IT and premises space challenges.

Why Buy Dell Servers from Bluechip?

Here are key reasons supporting the decision to purchase Dell servers from Bluehip:

24/7 Customer Support : Bluechip provides dedicated customer support 24*7 and is available to solve your queries. All the models of Dell servers with the latest configuration are available with us at the best prices. We aim to provide the best quality services and make sure you don’t need to face any issues from us.

Quality Assurance : Bluechip offers top-notch quality. We have dedicated executives to assist you during purchase and guide you with the best model according to your requirements and Relevancy. We provide you with all the earliest models of the latest configuration at the best prices. Please feel free to contact us and we even serve you after purchasing a server from us through our dedicated support staff which is here to assist you.

Reliability : Dell servers are mainly known for their reliable performance. Bluechip provides hardware upgrades, including server storage and memory, along with installation services. If you have an older version of the Dell server or need to upgrade the performance which is a good option itself instead of purchasing a new one. This approach not only extends the lifespan but also boosts processing speed at an affordable price.

Customize Your Dell Server : At Bluechip, we offer flexible services and a variety of options so you can customize your own Dell servers to make things easy and reliable for you. Different applications and software need different types of server setups, and at Bluechip, you have the freedom to decide how you want your Dell PowerEdge server configured.

Some Different Types of Models: PowerEdge Tower Servers

PowerEdge T130 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge T130 Tower Server

Powerful 1-socket, mini-tower first server for small office/home office and SMB to consolidate data and drive applications faster.
New PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server

Dell New PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server

Ideal for small office/home office collaboration, file storage and sharing, and data protection.
PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

Drive SMB and remote office/branch office applications faster and grow your data with a powerful and expandable 1-socket tower server.
PowerEdge T430 Tower Server

PowerEdge T430 Tower Server

Accelerate performance in office environments with a powerful 2-socket tower server featuring an expandable design and quiet acoustics.
PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

PowerEdge T630 Tower Server

Drive a wide range of demanding workloads with a flexible server offering peak 2-socket performance and huge internal storage capacity.
PowerEdge 12G T320 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge 12G T320 Tower Server

Deliver reliable performance for your core business applications with the robust flexibility of the PowerEdge™ T320 tower server.
PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server

PowerEdge T20 Tower Server

Boost collaboration in your home or small office with a quiet, compact server that helps all users get organized, share information more efficiently and become more productive.
PowerEdge 12G T420 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge 12G T420 Tower Server

Help deliver robust performance, scalability and reliability to your organization with the ample power, memory and I/O bandwidth of the PowerEdge™ T420 tower.